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Tacloban Beach Guide

Tacloban Beach Guide

There are several beaches in the Philippines, but as this Tacloban beach guide will show, some of the very best are located not far from the city. Here are some places you may want to include on your next trip to the province.

Any Tacloban beach guide would most likely include White Beach, which is only a few kilometers away from the capital, easily reachable by car or jeepney. As the name makes clear the sand that envelops it is pure white, and the sands are among the smoothest that you will find anywhere else. Not only is it a great place to go swimming with your friends but the vast expanse of the waters makes it ideal for boating too, and the nearby fishing area gives you a chance to hone your fishing skills too.

This Tacloban beach guide can also recommend Red Beach, sandwiched between Baras and Candahug (both of which are some 10 km from Tacloban). This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines, as it was the landing site of General MacArthur during World War II. Today there are resorts, restaurants and other accommodations around the area to make your stay more pleasurable.

There is also a beach off Barangay Luan in Dulag that is worthy of a visit. This Tacloban beach guide can point out that while it does not have an “official” name (it is sometimes called Blue Beach or Dulag Beach), it still merits a visit. The waters are pure, and not being as well known as the others, present an alternative to the “noisier” and more populated beaches in the Philippines.

This Tacloban beach guide can also attest to the high quality of the so called Orange Beach. Apart from the smooth sands and crystalline waters, the waters themselves hold additional treasures beneath, including coral reefs and exotic types of fishes. The fact that the beach is not far off from popular diving sites just adds to its drawing power.

Going by Blue and Orange Beach you will find other beaches, each possessing their own attractions and highlights. The names of these places were given by the Allied Forces as they were planning their assault against the Japanese in Leyte during World War II, one of the most important events in Philippine history.

There are several popular tourist destinations scattered throughout this Philippine province, but this Tacloban beach guide has provided you the places and areas that should be part of your itinerary. From strolling along the sands to snorkeling, they will not be an experience you will soon forget.

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