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Leyte Hospitals and Health Care

Leyte Hospitals and Health Care

Leyte is one of the industrializing provinces in the Visayan region of the Philippines that feature inviting medical facilities. Leyte hospitals and health care institutions always provide good quality services to the residents and tourists in the province. Most of the medical establishments in the area have private rooms, wards and laboratory facilities. In addition to these, the institutes employ registered medical doctors as well as professional health care assistants. Below are some of the most popular and accessible health care establishments in the province.

Leyte Provincial Hospital

One of the public health care facilities in the area that offer efficient services is Leyte Provincial Hospital. To improve the quality of services that the establishment provides to patients, the provincial government initiated improvements in the facilities of the institute, which include the addition of new medical equipment like an ultrasound, a CT scan and several X-ray machines. Aside from these, the government also added 25 beds and 10 rooms. Consultation fees at this establishment are free and the costs of medicines and other treatments are cheaper than in other Leyte hospitals and health care facilities.

Dr. Jose Silao Memorial Hospital

Another health care facility that provides affordable medical services to the residents in the province is Dr. Jose Silao Memorial Hospital. This establishment employs medical doctors and health care professionals who have sufficient knowledge on the different areas of medicine like surgery, general medicine, pediatrics as well as obstetrics. To provide comfortable stays to patients who are admitted to the place, the administration of this health care institution decided to renovate and improve the facilities, rooms and wards of this establishment.

Bethany Hospital

Individuals who want to seek medical help in private health care establishments can always go to Bethany Hospital, which is situated in the City of Tacloban. It provides enough space for patients who need to be admitted because it has 125 beds. To make sure that all the patients will receive immediate treatments, this medical care establishment employs 175 medical staff and physicians. This facility is operated by the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. Even if this is a private hospital, the medical costs are not as high as in other tertiary health care establishments in the province.

Divine Word Hospital

Situated along Avenida Veteranos Street in Tacloban City, the Divine Word Hospital offers good quality medical and dental services to residents in the area. It also specializes in pediatrics, family medicine, surgery and emergency medicine. Since it is considered as a teaching hospital, some medical students enroll their internship at this health care facility.

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