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Boracay Restaurant Guide

Boracay Restaurant Guide

Boracay is a very popular tourist destination as it welcomes diving expert and beach lovers. Being a prime tourist attraction in the Philippines, Boracay has become home to many restaurants in the area. Therefore, this Boracay Restaurant Guide is geared to help a Bora first-timer to try out the hottest dining spots in the area.


This restaurant has been applauded by many tourists, so this is a selection in this Boracay Restaurant Guide. Cyma offers fusion cuisine, but dishes are mainly of Greek and Mediterranean origins. It is famous for brining Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in the Philippines, as it has branches not only in Boracay but in key cosmopolitan areas. This casual and cozy restaurant is a haven for those who want exotic dishes from other parts of the world. Specialty dishes include the Greek Salad, a vegetarian dish that contains greens, sun-dried tomatoes and Greek dressings, and the Lamb Kebab, which is skewered lamb served with pepper, vegetables and pita bread. Since the restaurant is unique in Boracay, expect the prices to be on the expensive side, with a reasonable price range of 150 to 350 pesos. Cyma is located at D’Mall in Station 2, with a contact number of 63-36-288-4283.

Smoke Restaurant

Another selection in this Boracay Restaurant Guide is Smoke Restaurant. Smoke Restaurant is ideal for those who want a taste of the Philippines’ native cuisine in the area. Indeed, with its selection of classic Filipino dishes that will capture the hearts of their diners, Smoke Restaurant has truly become popular with both local and foreign tourists. What makes this restaurant unique is that, aside from their regular menu selection, guests can purchase raw food at the nearby Boracay Wet Market and have them cooked according to their liking. The prices of the regular menu selections are affordable, ranging from 120 to 100 pesos, while the customized set is priced according to the quantity of the raw ingredients plus the type of cooking. Smoke Restaurant is located at the back of D’Mall near the Boracay Wet Market.

Aria Italian Restaurant

With the love for Italian food all around the Philippines, Boracay did not meet this food craze and put up an Italian restaurant of its own. Aria Italian Restaurant is another choice in this Boracay Restaurant Guide. Located at the entrance of D’Mall, this restaurant serves a wide selection of pizza and pasta and other components of a typical Italian meal. Specialties include the Pollo Arrosto, an oven-roasted chicken with garlic and rosemary, and the Aria Pizza, which is pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella and parma ham. Prices are on the expensive side with dishes ranginf from 300 to 500 pesos; however, servings are huge. Aria Italian Restaurant is conveniently located at the entrance of D’Mall in Station 2, with a telephone number of 63-36-288-5573 for reservations.

Boracay Crab House

This crab house serves the best crab and prawn dishes in Boracay, so seafood lovers should not back out on this one. Another choice in this Boracay Restaurant Guide, the Boracay Crab House is ideal for a hearty meal of delicious and rich crabs and prawns. Ideal for casual dining, prepare to use your fingers while tinkering with the food. The Boracay Crab House is also one of the few restaurants in the Philippines that serve crabs and prawns in almost every imaginable type of cooking, be it breaded, skewered, grilled or stewed. Expect the prices to be on the expensive side, since seafood can get quite expensive. Boracay Crab House is located in Escondido Beach Resort, at the Station 1, with a telephone number of 63-36-376-4535.

Café del Sol

Café del Sol is selected be this Boracay Restaurant Guide as it is known for being one of the best breakfast places in the area. This place is truly an ideal way to start another day at the beach, with its pick-me-uppers of omelets, pancakes and waffles. Guests can also choose to dine their set meals during lunchtime and dinnertime, with some of the meny selections from the Philippines’ native cuisine. Aside from being a nice breakfast place, Café del Sol is also a good place to stop by for dessert. Its collections of cakes such are truly of comfort food status, and the best way to end a meal. Café del Sol is located at D’Mall in Station 2, with a telephone number of 63-36-288-5573.

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