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Angeles City Destination Guides

Angeles City Destination Guides


Dubbed the ‘City of Angels’, there are many things to see and do in Angeles City. There are several Angeles City destinations that magnify the liveliness of this charming place where one can do more than just sightseeing. Different Angeles City destinations once visited help us understand the history of this place and help us appreciate how far it has gone.

Fort Stotsenburg

Because of its proximity to Manila, many locals drive over to Angeles City for the weekend but just as there are many locals visiting, there are also many tourists that go here. A large majority of the tourists that visit Fort Stotsenburg are Americans and maybe this can be attributed to the fact that this was the former site of an American military base. The history of Fort Stotsenburg though is longer than the RP-US agreement since this Angeles City destination was first built in the early 1900s. This Angeles City destination brings back many memories because of the numerous events and parades held here. In fact, Fort Stotsenburg is known today as the “Parade Ground” although this was really built initially to serve as a base for the US exploratory forces. This Angeles City destination derived its name from the leader of the exploratory forces in the early 1900s, Colonel John Stotsenburg. It was only in 1991 that Fort Stotsenburg stopped being the venue for parades and military events and that was when the American forces left the Clark military base. Some Americans who fell in love with Angeles City and opted to stay there still visit this Angeles destination and reenact in their minds the events that they could remember about this place. Fort Stotsenburg has many relics that make this Angeles City destination fall out of the category of just another historical site.

Bale Matua

Just outside the town proper lies another Angeles City destination called Bale Matua. Bale Matua is an old house that from the outside looks as if a family still lives there and it has just been preserved. This Angeles City destination is more than just a house though and its architecture will readily show that it has survived many significant events in the past. Bale Matua used to be owned by Don Alejandro Lopez in the 1800s. From the balcony to the staircase, it’s almost as if Bale Matua was built entirely by hand with the detailed designs and the way that the furniture was made. To enter Bale Matua, one has to pay Php 300 and this already includes transportation costs.

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