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Samar Sightseeing and Activities

Samar Sightseeing and Activities

Samar is an island south of the Philippines surrounded by Leyte Gulf, San Bernardino Strait and San Juanico Straight. It is blessed by natural wonders such as beaches, mountain ranges and rivers. It also has a rich history dating from pre-Spanish times. Samar has several destinations for sightseeing and other activities for tourists.

For a sightseeing historical and cultural tour, one should not miss visiting the Samar Archaeological Museum and Research Center. This museum showcases various artifacts from different periods of history. One can appreciate its collection of antiques dating from pre-Spanish times. Art works of Christian saints and martyrs showcasing the Spanish period are also displayed in the museum.

Another historical site to visit for a sightseeing tour is Homonhon Island. This is the site where Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan first landed on Philippine territory in March 14, 1521.

Caves scattered around the province are destinations for the adventurous travelers. Sohoton Cave, a fifteen-minute drive from Borongan, Eastern Samar, has magnificent rock formations and breathtaking landscapes. This is destination is ideal for activities like hiking, rock climbing and geology. The Calbiga Cave, located in Westeren Samar, is in a 3,000-hectare area. It is a series of caves with underground rivers, tunnels, caverns and rock formations. Hiking and spelunking are the popular activities in Sohotan Cave and Calbiga Cave.

While in Calbiga, one should not miss the Calbiga Whitewater River. This is an ideal place for activities like sightseeing, kayaking and white water rafting. The river having a length of ten miles showcases wild cool waters and lush vegetation along its banks. The numerous rapids and drops will surely add to the thrill of navigating this river.

Water activities enthusiasts should visit to the Marabut Marine Park. Located in Southern Samar, this destination boasts of beautiful corals, reefs and diverse aquatic life. This is ideal fro scuba diving, snorkeling or just beach combing.

For those who want rest and relaxation, there are several destinations for activities like sightseeing, picnics and swimming. Blanca Aurora Falls in Catbalogan offers families to have picnics and sightseeing. Resorts abound the area. The spectacular waterfall is a perfect backdrop to an enjoyable picnic and sightseeing. Guuian Island has a pristine natural beauty with clear deep waters and soft sands. This is why the island is visited by tourists. Scuba diving the waters will reveal colorful exotic fishes and coral reefs. Near this place is Mercedes Beach. White sands, gorgeous underwater life and a lovely sunset are the attractions of this place. These are the reasons sightseeing, swimming and scuba diving are popular activities in this place.

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