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Ormoc Education

Ormoc Education

Known as the commercial, cultural and economic center of the western part of the province of Leyte, Ormoc is also famous for its educational facilities. The Ormoc education system is made up of world-class colleges and universities, which promise to give students the proper education and learning experience they need to become competent, responsible and productive individuals someday. These tertiary schools are very nice because they offer decent facilities, interesting courses and a perfect environment for learning.

Western Leyte College

Recognized as the second longest serving tertiary school in the area, Western Leyte College plays a significant role in the development of the Ormoc education system. As a non-sectarian academic institution, this private college offers outstanding undergraduate courses. For those who want to become lawyers, they can enroll in any of the available law courses. On the flip side, those who wish serve as health personnel, doctors and nurses can enroll in any of the available courses in health services such as care giving and midwifery.

Santo Nino College

Previously known as Ormoc Vocational Institute, Santo Nino College was once a tertiary school that focuses solely on vocational training. Since its establishment in 1982, this academic institution has already made a long way. For years, its curricula and academic programs have been expanding in order to meet the continuously changing and growing demand of education in the area. In the middle parts of the 1990s, this college started to offer additional programs covering the fields of liberal arts and criminology. Additionally, those who are planning to pursue careers as teachers and educators can enroll at undergraduate courses like secondary education and primary education. In 2007, changes were made to its program including the addition of courses such as Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Saint Peter’s College

Definitely one of the oldest tertiary schools in the City of Ormoc, Saint Peter’s College was previously known as Colegio Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe somewhere between 1914 and 1930. Education is one of the earliest and highly popular courses available inside this academic facility, which is perfect for individuals who want to become professors and instructors. It also offers Commerce, which is a very good course to choose for business-minded students. In addition to these things, the school also provides shorter vocational courses.

Eastern Visayas State University

Many students enroll at Eastern Visayas State University because of its engineering courses. Add to that, it also provides extensive academic programs including interesting courses in architecture. Aside from its various undergraduate courses, this place is also very proud of its very own graduate school for professionals.

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