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Butuan Restaurant Guide

Butuan Restaurant Guide

One of the famous hobbies of Filipinos is eating. In every celebration food is an important part. In Butuan when there is a fiesta there is lots of food in a Butuanon home. Butuan is also filled with different restaurants serving different dishes tourists and locals can enjoy.

1.Manay Maling’s Restaurant – This is a restaurant inside the Almont Resort. This is where most of the tourists come to eat because they get to enjoy the view outside the hotel including the pool. There is a waterfall which was made by the hotel. They offer Filipino cuisine. The buffet for lunch is priced at two hundred pesos per person. Many guests enjoy the halo-halo they have as well.

2. Almont City Cafe – This is in the middle of the city. This is a good dating place. There are fewer choices of dishes in this restaurant compared to Manay Maling’s. Couples go here to eat particularly because there is a pianist that provides the music and the romantic atmosphere.

3.Embassy Hotel & Restaurant – This hotel is a major landmark in the city The Embassy hotel’s restaurant is also a good place to dine. Their best sellers are Filipino and international dishes which are Crispy Pata,Fillet Mignon and Kare-kare. They also serve food for people who want to eat healthy like steamed fish.

4.Luciana Inn & Restaurant – This restaurant is worth the climb. There are two flights of staircase you have to go through before you reach the place. Their best sellers are buttered chicken, pancit canton and chicken pillow. They also serve them in big portions.

5.Narra Restaurant – This is one of the first restaurants in Butuan. Most of the people in Butuan has probably eaten here already. They have two branches. Many people recommend their garlic chicken as well as their pansit bihon. You should also try the Lumpiang Shanghai. This restaurant is part of Butuan’s culture and history already.
6.Margie’s Kitchen – This is one of the latest restaurants in Butuan. This place is more popular with the younger crowd especially during the night time. They are famous for their delicious desserts. They also serve complete meals like chicken wrapped in pandan leaves. Their best seller also includes tuyo pasta with black olives.

7.True Brew – This is a coffee shop where you can enjoy different coffee blends and some sandwiches. They recommend their clubhouse and pastrami melt. They are also famous for Cuban Grill and tacos. Their other drinks include Mango Fizz and some Spritz.

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