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Requirements for a School Business

Requirements for a School Business

With government hands all tied up due to lack of funds, public education is at its worst. So private elementary schools are popping up like mushrooms in the country. And for a good reason: middle class people who make up a vast portion of society are looking for elementary private school alternatives. A famous proverb in Philippine business is: any business that deals with kids’ needs will stay and prosper.

First, an elementary school business will need a principal and teachers who are all licensed teachers. The principal must at least be presently having a master’s degree in education. The school business can start out as a preschool first and gradually expand its grade levels. After being a preschool for 2 to 3 years it can apply for permit to hold the first 3 elementary levels, and so on.

The school must have at least 500 to 1000 square meters of property which is not traffic hazardous. It may be in the safest street corner of a subdivision or interior road. When this is secured, the school business will need the following papers: homeowners’ consent, barangay clearance and permit, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) papers (it must be a corporation), Bureau of Internal Revenue permit (BIR), business or mayor’s permit, and a permit to operate a preschool and elementary school from the Department of Education (DEP ED).

For a secure school business, foremost features a school must have are: strong and safe structures, fire escapes, fire alarm, fire extinguishers on every floor and in every room and corner, good ventilation, well kempt rest rooms, spacious classrooms, playground and sport facilities, clinic, ample library, laboratory, computer room, administration offices, teachers’ lounge, and a clean canteen. The school may plan a future expansion horizontally or vertically. These are necessary things for a DEP ED permit.

The school business must have an organization composed of the school administrator, principal, head teacher, teachers, librarian, office staff, nurse, security, maintenance, and canteen staff. The administrator will head them with the principal. This is for the DEP ED side of the school requirements. In addition to this, the school must have a board of trustees, officers (chairman, vice chairman, secretary, and treasurer), or president and vice president. This is for the SEC side of the school requirements.

A school business needs pertinent documents and organizations to complete certain government requirements. With these paper works secured and the organizations set up, the school business will be running smoothly and effectively.


  1. Nimfa B. Zafe

    Is a reopened private secondary school, to be operated by catholic priests, allowed to immediately open classes for first to fourth year levels?

  2. Good a.m.my kids school have no any application from deped but still operating. should they have the right to continue operating even they dont have a permit? the owner always told to us their papers still on the proccess but we can’t see anything. what step do we take?please send me your advice thanks…

  3. Bessie Parayno

    I would like to put a preschool or a Day Care like class, should Ill undergo the same requirements as per stated above? Is it imperative to have an corporation if you just intend to have only about 20-30 pupils in all? Is it needed to be SEC registered even if it is a small school only?
    Thank you.

  4. Kathleen

    What are the requirements to start a small nursery level like 10-20 pupils in a home? I wanted to start a small nursery level at my home. Since there are many kids here at my place.

  5. jean

    just wanna ask, if an individual who wishes to put up/operate a private pre-school in the community…Does she need to go to the DSWD office for its approval?. Is there any requirements needed to be accomplished from The DSWD… aside from the Dep Ed Requirements, and the usual procedure…Thank you,

  6. dennis aguirre

    What are the requirements for a private school in order to be recognized by DepEd? I found out that the school where my children are studying, specifically the high department, the teachers are non licensed, worst some of them are even non education graduates. The school is claiming they are Governmnet Recognized.

    Thank you very much! God bless!

  7. nesy

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I put a preschool just last year. I started with 16 kids. Now I have 25 kids. Do I need to get an official permit or certificate from Dept.Ed.? I don’t have any plans of expanding it to its primary or elementary level…My center is on its 2nd year now.Can my students still be accepted in the first grade in other schools?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Thank You.

  8. Prescilla

    Iam studying into opening a school prep and grade school ?
    What are the ideal sizes of school room?
    Is there any required number of rooms to obtain approval from dep ed?

  9. Reina

    When will a school be required to have a full time nurse? Are there minimum number of students for it to be required to have a full time nurse? What publication or DEPED order will support this?


  10. Minda O. Moncog

    I am in the process of searching for the required set up of a school clinic. What are the standards of the school clinic? – size, equipment, staff, bed/s, medicines, and other amenities for a 500 students population? Thank you so much.

  11. Jahlil Sunrise

    Hello, I was wondering what type of licenses, etc I need to open and operate an English school in the Philippines. I want to run a school teaching English to nationlals as well as foreigners. Thank you

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