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Renting Property in the Philippines

Renting Property in the Philippines

Lots of people aver that renting is wiser than buying property, especially when the stay is only temporary. Property rentals are one of the booming businesses in the country today. Hence, prices are reasonably competitive, especially if one knows what to look for in renting property in the Philippines.

House rentals are always advertised in major dailies in the city. Good properties are lined up in the ads section. But it takes more than browsing paper ads to get a good bargain in renting houses. Renting properties needs to be a hands-on thing if we want to end up with good properties. Pick several choices from the newspaper ads and start calling them up. Get basic details, directions, and go check them out.

Most rented properties look like they’re good properties. But often there’s more to them than meets the eyes. Seemingly good properties can be hiding secrets. Check out the drainage. Is there stagnant water anywhere? Any broken pipes? How about catch basins? How about flooding in rainy season? These are important things to check out when renting houses or renting properties.

Check water supply. Is there any? Is it potable? If there’s none, is there at least some alternative clean water source, like rationed or deep well? Good properties must have a clean water source. If there’s water, how strong is the water pressure? Water supply in drips or trickles is a no-no during rush hours. Then the electric supply—it’s another factor in renting houses or renting properties. Is it continuous? In some parts of the country electric supply is rationed. That’s also a no-no in rush hours.

In renting properties or renting houses check for termites. Termite-ridden walls can cause hassles once the walls need repairs—and especially when the house starts tearing apart. Repairs and mite exterminations spoil privacy and rest. And treatment chemicals are odious to the nose. Good properties are termite-free.

As one goes higher the house, check the roof and ceiling. Any roof or ceiling repair needs to be done before any renting is started. Having them repaired during the stay is a lot of disturbance. Good properties have good roofs and ceilings—that’s a basic in renting properties or renting houses.

Finally, check out the neighborhood itself. Are there difficult neighbors? Is it a quiet neighborhood? No crimes around?

Renting houses has 6 factors to consider in looking for good properties—drainage, water, electricity, termites, roof and ceiling, and the neighborhood. These make for a guideline in renting properties.

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  1. Mark Mendoza

    I live in Canada and im planning to build my property in Guagua Pampanga for commercial renting in March 2009. Im looking for any information regarding the rules and policies that would guide me to commercial renting. As well as information on the average renting cost per sq \f or sq\m. If you can email me back on anything you know i would appreciate it greatly.

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