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General Santos Sightseeing and Activities

General Santos Sightseeing and Activities

General Santos City is considered one of the most progressive cities in Mindanao. For tourists, it has several destinations like caves, lakes, mountains, beaches and dive sites for activities like sightseeing, trekking, camping, swimming and diving.

The Kalaha Karst Area, fifteen kilometers northeast from Barangay Conel, is catered for activities like camping, trekking and caving. Lush tropical forest, diverse animal life and pristine rivers, waterfalls and caves await the tourist.

Lake Sebu is another tourist attraction of General Santos City. A sightseeing tourist will be amazed at the lake’s calm water. Seeing this mesmerizing body of water is not just a nature-trip but a mystical experience as well. There is a belief among local tribes that the lake has miraculous powers. West of Lake Sebu is a T’boli tribe settlement. Visiting this settlement will give tourists a chance to see the local tribe’s culture. Tourists will see how crafts like weaving and beading. Another lake that is worth visiting is Lake Maughan. This lake as well as the area around it is a nature sanctuary. Tourists can see exotic plants and animals endemic to the area.

Adventurous tourists will appreciate going to Mount Matutum and Nopol Hills. Lush vegetation and a spectacular view of the surrounding area are the reasons climbers flock to Mount Matutum which is the second highest mountain in Mindanao with a height of two thousand meters or seven thousand six hundred feet. Nopol Hills, on the other hand, gives sightseeing tourists a panoramic view of Sarangani Bay. Tourist flock to this area to witness a spectacular sunset.

Beach resorts are also found around General Santos City. Swimming and snorkeling are popular activities in London Beach Resort. This resort has an artificial reef that is home to moral eels and scorpion fishes. The Rajah Beach Resort, meanwhile, has fine sand and corals as its attractions which is suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

Diving enthusiasts will not be disappointed with General Santos City. Rocky Beach is catered for beginners in scuba diving. Submerging just after a few meters, divers can see beautiful corals and exotic fishes. Veterans Beach or Sulifman Diving Site has the Tampuan or Tinoto Wall Complex. This dive site gives an impressive view of underwater marine life such as eagle and manta rays, hammerhead sharks, parrotfish, shoaling fish and tuna. Other notable dive sites are Takot Maasim, Takot Malbang, Sandbar and Kamanga Reef. This dive sites offer picturesque view of underwater life of corals and fishes.

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