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Palawan Shopping

Palawan Shopping

Perhaps you’ve known Palawan for its pristine, white beaches, untouched forests, marine biodiversity , archeological sites as well as its breathtaking rock formations. But after you’ve got your tan, enjoyed your sumptuous seafood dishes, finished your dive explorations and ended your island hopping adventures, what’s next for your remaining Palawan vacation?

Finishing all these activities does not mean Palawan has nothing else to offer and you have no choice but stay in your hotel room, catch up on what’s happening with the rest of the world and take a rest. No, it’s not yet time for that as shopping in Palawan is another kind of adventure which may prove to be one of a kind depending on which city or town in Palawan you are.
The items that you may you want to buy in Palawan would serve as your souvenir gifts for your yourself or to friends and relatives when you go home. Since Palawan’s natural resources, sceneries, cultures, arts and beliefs are diverse, you may find yourself with tons of souvenir items worth shopping for.

Apparels – Shirts, with or without sleeves, for kids or adults are a dime a dozen. From simple logos and images of beaches in El Nido, the Palawan subterranean river, Coron’s diving spots to Palawan artworks, you can choose which one to best describe your vacation in Palawan.

Pearls – Palawan is a shopping mecca for south sea pearls. From big pearl earrings to complete set of pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings, pearls stores in Palawan sell budget-friendly pearl jewelries. You can also opt for ingeniously crafted jewelries made from seashells that would definitely add a touch of class to your wardrobe.

Rain maker – This bamboo instrument used by natives in Palawan to summon rain clouds have been in the shopping bags of local and foreign tourists. You will never have a hard time looking for this souvenir item especially when you are in Puerto Princesa.
Tourist spots memorabilia – Choose from a wide variety of memorabilis such as native baskets, pens, bags, slippers and display items.

You need not worry if these souvenir items are only available at limited or certain locations in Palawan. Whether you’re staying at one town, just head to these spots and you would definitely find souvenir stalls.

El Nido – At the town proper, small establishments have been set up to cater to multitudes of tourist in El Nido. You can also head to your respective resorts and check out their souvenir shops.

Puerto Princesa – Shopping in Puerto Princesa is as easy as taking a tricycle and asking the driver to bring you these souvenir stores either you can head to the plaza just right across Puerto Princasa’s municipal hall or look for items at your hotel or even at the airport.

Coron – Though Coron may seem to be the less commercialized among the three tourist destinations in Palawan, the town has its share of souvenir stalls worth checking out. You can head to the dry market section at the town proper or walk around the town proper vicinity and you will easily find shops offering Coron memorabilia.

A good vacation or maybe the best vacation is a combination of relaxation, discovery, sharing and shopping. Palawan offers not just a respite from crowded cities and busy schedules, the island also lets you benefit from the therapeutic aspect of shopping.

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