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Tacloban Government Sites

Tacloban Government Sites

The Place Known as ‘Kakabatok’

The Kabatoks were the first known settlers of the place now called Tacloban. According to history, the Kankabatok was a favorable place for fishermen and these fishermen utilized a locally created a piece of equipment called ‘Taklub’ to catch sea foods. When fishermen were asked where they were heading to, they always responded ‘sa tarakbuban’ (to tarakluban) meaning the spot where they were using the ‘Taklub’. In time, the place’s name went from Tarakluban to Tacloban. The establishment of the municipality of Tacloban was not known because the records were wiped out during a storm. Nonetheless, Tacloban City had gone so far from having a bleak past in a way or two (regarding written history of its official establishment) to a very competitive city in the Philippines.

Investing Business in Tacloban City: Why in Tacloban City

There are several reasons why business clients and investor should consider the city of Tacloban as there commercial venue. Regarding location, Tacloban City is very accessible. The city lies in the center of Maharlika Highway which connects the place to the whole country. Bus terminals, airports and seaports are available making accessibility very possible. Another business advantage in Tacloban City is that it has copious natural resources and skilled or capable labor force or human resource. The Eastern Visayas Regional Growth Center or EVRGC is an economic hub recognized by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority or PEZA which is proximate to the city proper. This economic zone is favorable for any local or international business related industries. Another benefit of choosing Tacloban City as a business location is the friendly and low crime rate environment. Business venture would definitely thrive or prosper because of the availability of financial institutions, banks, facilities and utilities in the city of Tacloban. With these reasons, it only means that putting up a business venture at Tacloban City is a strategy of success.

Getting a Glimpse of the City of Tacloban Online

One of the ways in doing the ‘art of appreciation’ is have something of a ‘teaser’ or an ‘appetizer’. Being aware of the possible influx of tourists and potential business partners or clients, the local government of Tacloban City used the power of the internet by creating their own official website (http://www.tacloban.gov.ph/). The Tacloban City official website is designed with a lot of bits and pieces of information regarding the city’s assets. It gives an overview for visitors what to expect in this wonderful city of Tacloban in just few easy clicks through the World Wide Web.

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