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Dumaguete Personal Blogs

Dumaguete Personal Blogs

I know for sure that everybody had ‘head-turning’ moments in one or two occasions in our life. Being mesmerized to a certain person, to a thing or to a specific place is nothing but natural: it is a fact of life. Nonetheless, here in the Philippines, there is a place that would ‘snatch’ the hearts of every tourist if ever they would have a chance to see and experience this destination. Get ready and be hooked up by the charms of Dumaguete City!

The City of Gentle People

History dictates some proof why this place’s charisma is simply irresistible. ‘Daggit’ is one of the root word attributed to the location for two (2) possible reasons. During the ancient times, Muslim bandits or pirates frequently attacked this almost coastal place. Thus the word ‘to snatch’ or ‘Daggit’ was relatively attributed to the place. Another instance it was said that the natural charms of this place never failed to attract visitors and stay there for good and consequently another word was coined, ‘Dumaguet’, meaning ‘to swoop’ then it was named as ‘Dananguet’ in 1572 and was referred as ‘Dumaguete’ not until 1734.

Dumaguete City and its Charms

Sea lovers and divers alike would definitely love this place of Apo Island and Sumilion Island dive spots. Apo Island dive site showcases the wonder of the various marine flora and fauna which is one of the best in the world. Scuba diving is another activity to enjoy in this city. Children and the ‘young at heart’ would definitely enjoy whale and dolphin watching near Bais Bay. Another aquatic related activity or sports is kayaking.

If a tourist loves nature tripping through the land, spelunking in Mabinay Cave System is possible. Long walk or hiking on top of Mount Talinis to enjoy the three (3) lakes is another reason why this island ‘snatches’ the hearts of tourists and visitors alike. These sites or locations are Dumaguete City’s priceless gems and that is why the local government promotes and preserves them at the same time.

The City of Dumaguete is simply appealing. Its enticing charm had been its natural wonders and beauty since the ancient time and history attested to the place’s alluring appeal was overwhelming that whoever had seen this place would just like to stay for good. Nature has given Dumaguete City one of the best places to spend a lot of reasons (diverse activities in land or sea) why tourists and visitors should visit this place and be mesmerized.

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