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General Santos Restaurant Guide

General Santos Restaurant Guide

General Santos City is a city in Mindanao which attracts more and more tourists every year. Today General Santos has more businesses than ever before including restaurants offering varied cuisines to the locals and the tourists.

1. Tatay Pepe’s Restobar – This is a restaurant in General City which is a popular hangout among the residents there. This is a restaurant where many young adults hang out. The setting of the restaurant is very simple and casual. The cost of the food in Tatay Pepe’s is very affordable. A complete meal can cost seventy five pesos only. This restaurant is situated in Osmena Avenue which is a major street in the city. You can visit their website at tataypepes.com.

2. La Veranda Café – This cafe and restaurant belongs to the latest and hippest restaurant in General Santos. La Veranda is a coffee shop offering international foods like pastas, salads and American dishes. They are proud of having different systems for brewing their coffee. One of their best sellers is the mocha coffee. The price of the coffee in La Veranda begins at eighty pesos. There is a good area on the top of the restaurant where some tables are arranged so lucky patrons can enjoy the view outside including the General Santos city sunset. La Veranda is established at the top of the Tandem building in the in the city’s national highway.

3.Ranchero’s Grill – This is a smaller restaurant in the city compared to others when it first began which today has branches in many towns and other Mindanao cities. This grill became a hit with many residents in the city including tourists because of the grilled foods. They are also known for the affordability of the dishes. You can bring one hundred pesos and enjoy a complete meal. Their best seller is the grilled tuna.

4. Dimsum Diner– This is a diner which offers tasty Asian dishes like Japanese and Chinese foods. The ambience in the whole restaurant is very cozy where customers can choose from a wide selection of platters of dimsum. They also have platters made from bamboo. Their best seller is the dumpling. They are located at the East Asia Hotel.

5. Grab-A-Crab – This is restaurant is a combination of an elegant but modern restaurant. They offer gourmet foods and the restaurant is designed to evoke intimacy and class. Many elite residents in the city dine here. They serve good Filipino and Chinese dishes. They are popular for their seafood meals.

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