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Exploring the Prestigious Hotels of Davao

Exploring the Prestigious Hotels of Davao

Davao’s hotels include many types from the lavish to the mundane and they are considered as one of the city’s important economic sources. People from all parts of the Philippines visit Davao’s hotels in order to see its famous exclusive and ordinary hotels and dine in its fine restaurants.

The hotels of Davao are among the fastest growing economic sectors in the city. In fact, Davao hotels by themselves are recognized as multi-million peso and still a progressing business in Davao. The hotels of Davao are among the major economic forces in the city as its enables growth and creation of job opportunities.

The hotel business in Davao has employed over a thousand workers who are distributed within various Davao hotels, totaling a revenue generation of billions of pesos. From recent records, the hotels of Davao have indeed become one of the most competitive businesses in the Philippines.

In spite of the increasing popularity of these hotels as an urban tourist destination, certain hotel business issues affect the influx of tourists and the revenue acquired from this business. The problem in competition for example, is one of the growing concerns of the hotel business in Davao. Fierce competition happens among the best and well-known hotels, such as Davao City Hotel, Apo View Hotel Davao, Marco Polo Hotel Davao and Insular Century Hotel Davao.

In addition, customer satisfaction is one of the highly significant priorities in the business. Being the major source of tourism revenue, the hotel business owners of, for example, the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao, Davao Galleria Hotel and Davao Grand Regal Hotel are applying various strategies that will enhance the experience of visitors coming to the city.

One of the main issues relevant to the need of assessing service quality is the significant transitions that Davao’s hotels must undergo. One of the recognized changes was the transformation of its first class and ordinary hotels. The once conventional hotels were converted into modernized ones. This transition implies the apparent increase of small firms providing tourism services at present, while the first class and ordinary hotel business in Davao used to be dominated by a few producers.

In other words, the hotel owners in Davao now have a number of accesses to strategies and factors that amplify business competition. While this tendency has in many ways improved the overall state of the hotel business of Davao City, hotel owners also encounter difficulties to operate their businesses successfully, making the evaluation of service quality all the more essential.

Hotel owners have also stated that the competition in the hotel business is augmented by new strategies introduced and implemented by various hotels. With the introduction of information and communication technology (ICT) in some of Davao’s hotels such as Davao City Hotel, Apo View Hotel Davao, Marco Poo Hotel Davao and Insular Century Hotel Davao, and the inclusion of other technological facilities, tourists have more options and control over they type of hotels they want to stay in.

Hence, with the present advancements, first class and ordinary hotels in Davao are giving more importance to specialized and enhanced forms of services for tourists, especially the service quality in these hotels.

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One comment

  1. Mon Macasaet

    I stayed at the Davao Grand Regal Hotel. It was ok except that we felt that there was a spirit in the room. I am no psychic but my friend and I felt it. There was an eerie feeling to the whole hotel, from the lobby until the room. We asked to be transferred but decided to check out the day after and move into Marco Polo Hotel instead. Though a bit more costly, we got to sleep better. Another was the fact that the casino was there. It felt like a lot of people have lost their shirts inside the casino.

    If you don’t believe on sixth sense, I guess the hotel is ok.

    Btw, for our subsequent business trips, we stayed in Marco Polo and Apo View Hotels.

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