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Dumaguete Hotel Guide

Dumaguete Hotel Guide

Hotels are not necessarily what Dumaguete City is famous for in the Philippines, but there are indeed places that are definitely cockroach free, that we promise you. We are going to help you find a great hotel with the help of our Dumaguete Hotel Guide. Let us start the show of the best that Dumaguete has to offer to those who visit the Philippines.

One of the best hotels in the Dumaguete Hotel Guide is the Coco Grande Hotel. This hotel is located on the Hibbard Avenue. The Coco Grande Hotel has its own little Spanish flair and it has numerous guest rooms available for you. They have their own restaurant that serves great food held in the international cuisine and you can buy cakes and pastries in their bakeshop. Another great hotel in the Dumaguete Hotel Guide is the La Residencia Almar which is located on the Rizal Boulevard with a beautiful look out to the ocean. Both Residencia Almar and Coco Grande are favorite spots for celebrities of the Philippines and those who want to be seen.

The next place the Dumaguete Hotel Guide will take you is the Bethel Guest House. This hotel is also directly by the Rizal Boulevard which promises the ocean view. You will have a choice of smaller and bigger rooms with or without ocean view and you can make use of the indoor restaurant and buffet. The Bethel Guest House is often host to events from companies or organizations in the Philippines. Bethel Guest House may also be the most colorful hotel in the Philippines.

A hotel in the Dumaguete Hotel Guide that is situated just a step away from the domestic airport is the Negros Inn. The Negros Inn is a large hotel that has luxurious rooms and spacious amenities and one of their amenities is the Karaoke Lounge. You will notice that karaoke is very popular in the Philippines and it doesn’t exclude this little city. There are many places in the Philippines where you can visit a 24 hour karaoke lounge, but there is only one in this city of Negros Oriental and that is at the Negros Inn. You can also get a special sauna treatment in this hotel.

The last hotel on the Dumaguete Hotel Guide is going to be the Check Inn hotel. Professionals from all over the Philippines have to visit the city for appointments, seminars and more and the Check Inn hotel is the perfect business hotel with large rooms as it is situated right in the heart of the downtown area. They also have a great restaurant that will wow you with its international cuisine.

The Dumaguete Hotel Guide hopefully showed you where you could possibly stay for a vacation over at Dumaguete City, Philippines. Choose a hotel from this guide and do not opt for something less, because you might soon find a cockroach crawling over your sleeping face. Did you know that cockroaches in the Philippines bite?

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