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Puerto Galera Beach Guide

Puerto Galera Beach Guide

Puerto Galera is a popular place where tourists local and foreign come for a quick getaway from the city. It is an island known for several things but the people go there mainly to enjoy and have fun in the beach. There are several beaches in Puerto Galera. The following beaches can be the best place where you will have an unforgettable experience.

1. Alibatan beaches

These are beaches that can be found in Alibatan island. The island is not that far from Puerto Galera. The sand in this island is so fine because it is white and so pure. The island is rich with different sea animals which include turtle and seagulls. Diving is one of the best activities in this island. You will be able to see different colors of shells and corals.

2. Sabang Beach

This is one of the most famous beach in Puerto Galera. Many people choose this beach than the other beaches in Puerto Galera. There are more resorts and restaurants here. The sand is also fine and the waters are generally calm especially during the summer. There are many bancas in the sea which gives the visitors an insight into their livelihood. There are several bars and restaurants and there is a party almost every night. People can come here to swim, snorkel and dive and party at night time.

3. Small La Laguna Beach
This beach is just next to Sabang. It is a crowd drawer as well. This is considered as the cleanest beach in Puerto Galera. It is also one of the beaches that you can easily get to. There are bancas that take tourists direct to island and there are many ferries that pass their way there bound for the province. The beach resembles a cove. It has many trees mostly palm. It welcomes the tourists greeting them in a good paradise. This is one of the beaches where tourists can relax more in the serenity of the place. Couples can walk down under the bright evening sky.

4. Big La Laguna Beach

The landscape on this beach is huge and the waters are also clear. The Big La Laguna beach is known to a lot of tourists as one of the best beaches in the country. It is near Sabang and small La Laguna beaches. The white sand in this island continues until the sea. Big ships cannot pass by this beach so it is safe for everyone to swim here. One of the best things you will see in this beach is the changing colors of the water. You can have a wonderful time snorkeling and seeing the different hues of the corals and fishes.

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