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Bacolod Restaurants

Bacolod Restaurants


The ‘City of Smiles’ does not just brag about the hotels that offer world class service, they are equally proud of the restaurants and bars in Bacolod that serve good food with passion and dedication. There are various Bacolod restaurants to choose from and the dishes range from local to international cuisine to delicacies.

Imbiss Bacolod

Imbiss Bacolod is a small restaurant but the environment is cozy and laid back. This Bacolod restaurant can be found along Lacson Street in the city itself and it specializes in European cuisine. Imbiss Bacolod has several specialties from delectable imported sausages from Hungary and Germany to authentic Italian pizza recipes such as the Pizza Al Tonno. This Bacolod restaurant understands the Filipino’s love for rice and they’ve managed to incorporate it tastefully into their dishes. Take for instance the Garlic Sausage served at Imbiss Bacolod which is a good match with flavored rice. The Veal Bratwurst is another dish served at this Bacolod restaurant that has rice that is a top choice on their menu list. Imbiss Bacolod serves affordable meals, with prices ranging from Php 110 to Php 300 but the servings are big so it’s good for sharing. Aside from the great European food and the cozy environment, the service personnel are also very friendly and always welcome one with a warm smile at Imbiss Bacolod.

Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties

A quick snack that is healthy and nutritious is something that will keep you going and that’s exactly what the Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties offers. Aside from the Jamaican Patties that this Bacolod restaurant serves which are good either with Iced Tea to douse the summer hear or hot coffee for that rainy afternoon, they have interesting yet tasty dishes. Take for instance the Sunny Shrimp Balls that they serve at the Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties which goes really well with sweet chili sauce. Although most of the dishes served at this Bacolod restaurant are somewhat spicy, one can tell the servers to bring it down a notch and for those who like their food incredibly hot, one can also ask them to throw in a bit more chili. The Spicy Chicken is also one of the Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties’ specialties and this is a heavy and filling dish. Other enticing dishes at this Bacolod restaurant are Burger Steak and Cheese Burst. The Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties has a cozy atmosphere and it is found on Main Strip Alley near one of the big schools in Bacolod, La Salle. The Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties offers superior alternatives when it comes to snacks.

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