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Ormoc Restaurant Guide

Ormoc Restaurant Guide

A progressive, inviting, and famous city in Leyte, Philippines, Ormoc City takes pride in the beautiful restaurants that it features to everyone who visits the place. To make wise decisions concerning nice and fine dining places in Ormoc City, Philippines, to visit, there are Ormoc restaurant guides that travelers can always use or refer. These guides are useful tools for travelers since these offer important information on specialties, food prices, and locations of restaurants that people can visit in the city.

Cuisines and Specialties of Famous Restaurants in Ormoc City, Philippines

When it comes to cuisines and specialties of famous dining places in Ormoc City, Philippines, people can always refer to Ormoc restaurant guides. Hence, for travelers and tourists who prefer to eat Filipino or native dishes, they can visit any of these dining places that are commonly featured in the guides; Manina’s Food House, as well as Chito’s Chow Bar and Restaurant. On the other hand, to assist travelers and tourists who crave for Japanese food, Ormoc restaurant guides commonly enumerate Japanese restaurants in the city such as El Comepor.

Locations of Restaurants in Ormoc City, Philippines

Aside from cuisines and specialties, most Ormoc restaurant guides also offer information on the locations of popular dining places in Ormoc City, Philippines. For those who are new to the place, there are accessible hotels that have restaurants where they can have a relaxing and refreshing meal. Three of the famous hospitality service providers in the place that feature restaurants are Ormoc Villa Hotel, Zenaida’s Chateau Tourist Inn and Restaurant, as well as Hotel Don Felipe. Other restaurants in the city that are easy to locate are Don Quisote Bar and Bahia Coffee Shop.

Price Range of Meals at Restaurants in Ormoc City, Philippines

Regarding affordability of meals, tourists who do not have enough budget to dine in fine dining restaurants, there are fast foods in Ormoc City, Philippines, which are commonly featured in Ormoc restaurant guides. For the price range of 50 pesos to 150 pesos, travelers can already have a decent dining experience at Jollibee. Meanwhile, for those who are still in search for cheaper meals, they can visit the Ormoc market where they can find small restaurants that serve delectable and native dishes like Lechon Baboy for as low as 200 pesos per kilo. Thus, to have a worry-free visit to Ormoc City, Philippines, every traveler is encouraged to refer to Ormoc restaurant guides to choose the dining places that will satisfy their cravings.

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