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General Santos Hotel Guide

General Santos Hotel Guide

General Santos is also called as the boom town of Mindanao. This city has become an excellent destination for tourists. They have many beautiful beaches and landmarks. They also have top resorts and hotels. Most of the hotels have excellent services and some are very affordable too. Many guests keep coming back to them because they all make their stay memorable and nice.

1. Dolores Tropicana Resort – This resort is in the town of Tambler in the city. This resort is a franchise company from South Cotabato. The whole resort has a peaceful surrounding where you can enjoy a quiet time to relax from the hectic city life. Many residents like holding special celebrations with them like weddings, business seminars and meetings. There are different types of rooms. They are Taub, Katunggan and Balud rooms. The cost of staying in a room for one night can cost one thousand two hundred pesos up to two thousand eight hundred pesos. Every room has the standard amenities like television, telephone and bathrooms.

2. Days Hotel – This hotel is in the town of Lagao. Many guests like coming back to stay here because the people are reliable. They are also proud of their friendly service. They have good amenities like spacious parking space, deposit boxes for safety and huge conference rooms. A room with one bed costs sixty five dollars up to ninety five dollars. The room with two beds costs seventy five dollars up to one hundred five dollars for one night. Each room has all the amenities like telephones and televisions.

3. East Asia Royale Hotel – This is situated on the national highway. It is known for its elegance and good hospitable staff. They have different room for huge banquets. They also have a center for business. The hotel has its own coffee shop, restaurant and one bar with a pianist. The guests are offered different rooms like superior, standard, deluxe and
suite rooms. Most of the rooms costs one thousand nine hundred fifty pesos and the suites cost three thousand two hundred pesos.

4. Dolores Hotel – This hotel is along the boulevard called Santiago in the city. They have many halls for conventions and other function rooms. They also have their own restaurant. The hotels offer single, matrimonial, family and twin rooms for their guests. The price of the rooms range from five hundred pesos up to nine hundred pesos. The rooms have the standard amenities like telephones, televisions and one bathroom with the shower.

5. Phela Grande Hotel – This was established on the corners of Atis Street and Magsaysay. This is one of the biggest hotels in General Santos. They have a big restaurant, souvenir store and other rooms for different functions. The guests are offered with different rooms like standard, single and family rooms. The price of the rooms varies from nine hundred pesos and two thousand two hundred pesos. The rooms have standard features.

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