Mountaineering in the Philippines

They say: “If you can’t beat it, join it.”

As with many life-changing decisions that people make, many people became full-fledged outdoor enthusiasts for many reasons. It only used to be a dream, so far-fetched they never imagined that someday they would be among the privileged few who, despite a chaotic schedule, would still find time to commune with nature, meet new friends, discover hidden wonders, and have the pleasure of writing about it.

Mountaineering has been in existence for years. In the Philippines, it met its glorious height in the early 1990s. Ascents to the country’s highest peak have become more frequent that throughout the years thousands have conquered and survived. The sport itself has lured thousands in its web of danger, challenges and risks.

Many were lured into the sport itself. How could they not with mountaineer friends from all over the Philippines? These people would often tell stories about their climbs, their treks that many have become envious of them. They weren’t comfortable about it at first. They fought so hard but they couldn’t beat the desire to experience it myself so they joined.

And it was one of the greatest decisions they’ve made and they’re extremely glad they joined. It brought me so much pleasure that they would gladly go exploring some more despite the dangers and risks it poses and a chaotic schedule – especially now when most people do both day and night shifts at work. Not only that they would also help promote tourism in their own little way.

The islands in Panay abound in places worth laying eyes on. One only has to have the passion and daring to visit them. One can witness the majesty of nature in its ethereal seclusion for just a day. To bask in the allure of nature doesn’t have to be spending a night or two sleeping on the earth. Take our journeys for example, we explored three caves in Guimaras Island for a day. We climbed five waterfalls in Barotac Viejo for a day too. We bouldered the rocks of Dingle that have been withered by time for a day also. But if you really want to feel the extremes in the wilds, then go camping for a night or more.

Believe me. You will find it refreshing and soul-gratifying.

Got Scabs? Climbing salves are now available so you don’t have to worry.

Live with courage. Have a passion for the outdoors. Be a nature lover for a change.

Forget about scabs.
They’ll heal.

Mine did.
His did.
Ours did.
Yours will too.

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