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Dumaguete Hospitals and Health Care

Dumaguete Hospitals and Health Care

Getting sick in Dumagauete is something unavoidable especially if you are not accustomed to the climate in the city. The good news is that there are several tertiary and public hospitals that can cater to your medical and health needs. Here is a look at Dumaguete hospitals and health care serving the needs of its patients.

Silliman University Medical Center

Silliman University Medical Center is one of the top and most preferred facilities in Dumaguete. It specializes in various fields, such as pediatrics and obstetrics. It is normal for patients to see students undergoing internship and residency in the hospital. It has 140 beds so it has room for several patients in the city. It also has various facilities such as medical laboratory, surgery rooms, and pediatric ward.

Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital

For those who cannot afford to spend for their medical care, Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital is just one of the facilities providing medical assistance to poor patients. Despite being a public hospital, it offers state-of-the-art equipments and facilities, such as coulter hematology analyzers, CT scan, and an automated microbial detection system. Compared to other facilities in the city, Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital can provide medical help to more patients because it has 250 beds aside from the highly-qualified physicians, nurses, and medical technologists stationed in the hospital.

Holy Child

This 85-bed capacity medical facility provides emergency care to patients so it is accessible any time. It provides services in the field of pediatrics and dentistry. It has modern equipments that can be used for diagnosing the state of health of patients.

Dumaguete Doctors Medical and Dialysis Center

If spending for medical expenses is your problem, Dumaguete Doctors Medical and Dialysis Center is the place to go as the fees in this facility are affordable. The establishment provides outpatient care. It is equipped with medical facilities such as a laboratory room, dialysis, and emergency room. Majority of the doctors in the facility are experts in the field of nephrology.

Dumaguete City Regional Hospital

Dumaguete City Regional Hospital is a public hospital providing free medical consultations to patients. It is a teaching facility, similar to the Silliman University Medical Center, and has an emergency room, medical laboratory, and surgery room. It also has a pediatric ward.

As it provides assistance to those who cannot afford, Dumaguete City Regional Hospital sells cheap medicines. The personnel employed in the hospital are licensed and qualified.

These Dumaguete hospitals and health care can help ensure that your trip to the city will be worry-free and healthy.

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