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Dumaguete Transportation

Dumaguete Transportation

You can visit numerous places and enjoy various activities in the city of gentle people but you cannot do it all without the proper Dumaguete transportation. Yes, you heard it right, even a small city such as Dumaguete has its own special system of public, private and semi-private transportation. Be pushed into the interesting world of Dumaguete transportation.

One of the oldest ways of getting around in this city as well as all across the Philippines is by a so-called “Kutchero” which is a horse attached to a tinier version of a sleigh. It only fits two people at most who however have to be at their ideal weight. The sleighs are often lavishly decorated in reds, pinks and other bright colours. You pay approximately five to ten Philippine pesos which are equivalent to 25 cents for a ride. The rate however differs from locality to locality but the Dumaguete transportation prices for horse rides are usually below 10 pesos.

The next novelty that can be found in the Dumaguete transportation system is the Tricycle or commonly known as Pedicab. A Pedicab consists of a motorcycle and an attachment where four to six people can be seated on. The Philippine pedicabs can be compared to rickshaws. These are very common in Dumaguete and in other Visayan cities. The usual fare is 5-8 pesos if you are heading somewhere within 1 km. Farther than 1km will cost you an additional 1 peso per km.

Common vehicles in the Dumaguete transportation system that take you to far destinations are the Jeepneys and the Multicab which are also known as Easy Rides. The Jeepneys are larger in size and charge from 5 pesos to 30 pesos depending on their destination. The Easy Rides usually take the same. There are also big buses to be found in the Dumaguete transportation system and they are called Ceres Liners. The Ceres Liners have connections throughout the Visayas and other parts of the archipelago and their bright yellow colour cannot be missed. There are also private taxis that you can hire for a flat rate of 200 pesos and there are so-called V-Hires which are family vans that take you across the island.

A couple of years ago Dumaguete was a small city with only few cars but now the city has grown and you can see more and more car owners out there roaming the streets of the city. The Dumaguete transportation system would however be nothing special without all the motorcycles. There are more motorcycles in this city than anything else and the city was in fact crowned the Motorcycle City of the World.

Now you learned plenty of interesting facts about the Dumaguete transportation system and what is hot to ride with and what is not. Have a safe drive and do not get ripped off of those drivers.

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