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Puerto Galera Hospitals and Health Care

Puerto Galera Hospitals and Health Care

Puerto Galera is a progressive town of Oriental Mindoro that plays home to several public and private medical care establishments. Puerto Galera hospitals and health care facilities are easy to access and locate. Most of these institutions are situated in downtown and near to other commercial establishments like banks and automated teller machines. To help travelers who want to spend some time at this place, below are the medical facilities that they can visit in case they get sick or they have medical emergencies.

Municipal Hospital

One of the most accessible health care facilities in Puerto Galera is the Municipal Hospital. The medical staff and physicians working at this place are accommodating so patients can easily voice out their concerns and health conditions. It provides ambulatory services to residents and tourists staying at the town. For inquiries about the other services offered at this health care institute, call any of its medical staff at (043)-287-3049.

Palm Medical Clinic

Palm Medical Clinic is another medical care establishments in Puerto Galera that people can visit if they have problems with their health. This is just a small health care unit so most of the time, patients with serious illnesses are transferred to the tertiary hospitals in nearby provinces like Batangas. To reach the health care assistants and physicians at Palm Medical Clinic, patients are advised to call (043)-442-0250.

Metropolitan Doctors Clinic

For patients who are looking for a private institution that offer laboratory services, one of the Puerto Galera hospitals and health care establishments to visit is the Metropolitan Doctors Clinic. People have nothing to worry if they get sick while having vacation at the town since the clinic is open 24 hours a day and it employs competitive medical doctors. For inquiries, local people and tourists can contact any of the administrative staff of Metropolitan Doctors Clinic at (043)-287-3156.

De los Reyes Medical Clinic

Puerto Galera has several inviting private hospitals that provide round-the-clock services. One of these establishments is the De los Reyes Medical Clinic. It employs registered medical technologies and physicians so patients are ensured to get accurate prescriptions and treatments. This establishment also provides a comfortable lobby where outpatients can stay while waiting for their attending physicians. The consultation fees at this clinic usually range from 250 pesos to 400 pesos, while the laboratory fees range from 150 pesos to 300 pesos. To ask for medical help, patients can call the doctors at De los Reyes Medical Clinic at (043)-287-3260.

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