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Tagbilaran Shopping

Tagbilaran Shopping

Also known as the City of Friendship, Tagbilaran serves as the economic center of the province of Bohol. To contribute to the improving tourism and economy of the city, Tagbilaran shopping centers offer affordable and high quality products to local travelers and foreigners. Aside from malls, people can also have a nice and enjoyable experience at nearby dry markets. To have a look at handicrafts and native products, tourists are encouraged to visit the famous and accessible souvenir shops in the area.

Island City Mall

Considered as the premier and largest shopping center in Bohol, Island City Mall features different boutiques, specialty shops as well as a department store. To offer comfort to shoppers, this mall has a secured and capacious parking space. Some of the shops featured at this mall are V. T. Cellmart, Bench as well as Dickies. When it comes to dining, people who want to eat at fast food chains can try the delicious and affordable meals at McDonalds, Jollibee and Pizza Hut. In addition to this, the mall has a food court where shoppers can eat delectable snacks for as low as 50 pesos. Customers can also visit some of the fine restaurants inside this establishment like the famous Prawn Farm.

Bohol Quality Mall

Aside from Island City Mall, local tourists and foreigners in Tagbilaran can also visit the popular Bohol Quality Mall. Some of the stores that shoppers can find inside this place are the National Bookstore, Bargain Shop, Sports World and Dakki. Customers who are in search for home improvement stores, this shopping center features Handyman and the Do It Best Home Center. Shoppers who crave for delicious Filipino meals and grilled dishes can relax and have an enjoyable dining time at Gerry’s Grill. To accommodate customers who have limited budget, the establishment features different fast food chains, which include Jollibee and McDonalds.

Plaza Marcela

Plaza Marcela is a simple but convenient Tagbilaran shopping center to visit. Like the other malls, this establishment features retail stores such as Hammerhead Jeans and Shirt as well as Mona Lisa. Additionally, it has a home and fashion department store. For the recreation and enjoyment of shoppers, this mall features an inviting gaming center. In terms of dining, Plaza Marcela plays home to different fast food chains including Greenwich and Jollibee. Moreover, it has a small food court that offers Filipino delicacies and sizzling dishes. Tourists can easily find this mall because it is very accessible to the different modes of transportation available in the city.

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