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Davao Travel Agents

Davao Travel Agents

The City of Davao, nowadays, was able to live up to the meaning of their name which is ‘beyond the high ground’. Davao City has been considered as one of the Asia’s beloved cities in terms of financial progress. For this reason, the Foreign District Investment Magazine hailed Davao City as the one of the ‘Asian City of the Future’ bagging the tenth place. Davao City has been indeed the tourism, investment and business hub for the entire southern Philippines. Mount Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines seems to be deity overlooking the brilliant city.

The Grandfather of Philippines Mountains

Mount Apo has been one of the main reasons why nature lovers and especially mountaineers all over the world visit the City of Davao. Considered to be the ‘master’ or ‘the grandfather’ of all the mountains in the Philippines, Mount Apo stands 9,692 feet above the ground and pompously looking over, as if guarding, the beautiful City of Davao from possible outsiders or invaders that would threaten the place. Mount Apo is considered to be a potentially active stratovolcano. The towering height of almost ten thousand feet is the reason why it is the most admired and popular climbing destinations in the Philippines. The mountain was considered a national park way back 1930’s. Mount Apo has been a shelter for different flora and fauna and has been considered as one of the highest land-based biological diversity. Reaching its peak would take an average of two-four days of hike and during the trek diverse sights could be seen like the one of the highest lakes in the Philippines which is the Lake Venado. This ‘Master Mountain’ could be climbed the whole year-round.

Tour and Travel Agencies in Davao City

The influx of visitors and tourists alike throughout the years has been one of the main reasons why economy has been very competitive in Davao City. To maintain and upgrade this blooming tourism industry, the local government encourage private investors to concentrate in travels and tours agencies. Some noted travel agencies are Ame Travel and Tours (F.Torres Street, Davao City), Davao Allied Travel and Tours (D. Suazo Street, Davao City) and Cynorel Travel and Tours (G/F Apo View Hotel, Camus Street, Davao City). There are a lot of travel agencies listed in some directory websites. It would still be better checking them real-time to get the latest updates regarding information and services they provide. Nowadays, aid and assistance are just a click away through the power of the internet.

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