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Puerto Princesa Beach Guide

Puerto Princesa Beach Guide

Puerto Princesa is a place in the Philippines that has also earned the recognition to be one of the world’s top eco tourism destinations. This place is filled with marine life as well as awesome beaches. Some of the beaches are protected by the government. There are many perfect diving spots in Palawan’s beaches. Below are some of the beaches you will find beautiful there.

1. Honda Bay – If you like gorgeous beaches you will like this beach. This beach offers guests different choices. There are more than two beaches with the same kind of sand which means plenty of sites for snorkeling or diving. The two islands that are commonly frequented by tourists are Bat Island and Snake Island. The first one is known for the bats that live there and the cave they live in. You can see them before the sun sets.

2. Nagtabon Beach – This is a beach not so far from the city. This is in the town of Bacungan. The beach is eight hundred meters long. Tourists will surely enjoy strolling along the shore. There are several resorts in this beach.

3. Napsan Beach – This is a beach that can be reached within an hour from Tthe city. It is in the tiny town of Napsan. This beach is covered in white sand and the water there is clear and blue. There are several rock formations around the beach giving
a good view of the skies and the island.

4. The Calamian Group – This is a group of island in the northeastern area. This is one of the popular choices among tourists who like going to Palawan. The famous of them are Cullon,Busuanga and Coron. The islands are beautiful because they are actuall small islets that lay above the giant reefs.
5. Apulit Island – This is a beach two hours from the city . In the town of Taytay. Taytay is the former capitol of the whole Palawan. You can also visit the other islands coming from Apulit. The islands surrounding Apulit always have something rare to give to the tourists. There are good diving spots in this island which are popular among the diving fans in the Philippines.

6. Bacuit Bay– This is the part of the beach where you can island hop. One of the nearby islands is the El Nido marine area. Many divers enjoy this beach and consider it their paradise. 

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