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Sorsogon Hotel Guide

Sorsogon Hotel Guide

When in Sorsogon, Philippines, it’s not just important to go sightseeing and see and hear the sights and sounds of this beautiful place, it’s also important to find a hotel that feels like home. This Sorsogon Hotel Guide showcases the hotels in the area that have positive reviews and are highly recommended by both Filipinos who travel to this area and tourists.

First up on the list in the Sorsogon Hotel Guide is the Sirangan Beach Resort. This hotel is located in Caricaran, Bacon District, Sorsogon City, Philippines. It’s a relatively small hotel but what places it on top of the list in the Sorsogon Hotel Guide is that though it only has 8 rooms, this quaint place was designed for those who want to sleep and wake up hearing the gentle lap of the waves. All rooms are a convenient walking distance to Bacon Beach but this did not prevent management from building a big pool in front of the hotel for those who prefer to lie on a deck chair by it. Known for its romantic ambience perfect for couples, its rooms are luxurious, spacious and gives one that home away from home feel.

Hotsprings Resort, located in Irosin, Sorsogon City, Philippines also makes it to the Sorsogon Hotel Guide. Irosin is known for its hot springs and if one wants to be closer to these, then Hotsprings Resort is the place to be. Hotsprings Resort is located close to the Bulusan Lake and a short hike can be made from Patad to the crater-lake and since this place is not something that’s well known for the locals, if one is looking for that secluded area that epitomizes pristine, then this is the perfect spot.

Vitton Resort is another quaint place that specializes in something completely different than the previous two. Vitton Resort is in the Sorsogon Hotel Guide because it is the best place to get that close encounter with the whale shark. This hotel in the Sorsogon Hotel Guide in Donsol Sorsogon, Philippines and it’s conveniently located near the whale shark interaction center and offers bungalows that have 1-2 rooms. The resort is peaceful at night and ensures privacy, a true escape when in the Philippines.

Last but not the least in this Sorsogon Hotel Guide is Palm Creek Resort. This place in the Philippines is for those who prefer the great outdoors so much more than being indoors. The beach is right in front of the cabin and since this place is somewhat remote, it can be expected that this especially quiet at night.

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