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Manila Hotel Guide

Manila Hotel Guide

When scouting for good hotels in Manila, Philippines, there are several things tourists ought to remember always. This Manila hotel guide ought to help them with very important tips.

Prior to reaching Manila, Philippines an arrangement can be done to have oneself picked up by a shuttle vehicle (in some cases a limousine or similar posh cars) of the hotel one has made reservations in. An important Manila hotel guide reminder is make sure to have a ready safe vehicle for pick up at the airport big enough to accommodate all one’s luggage. Unless a tourist is to be picked up by family or friends, a hotel shuttle is the next best thing.

This Manila hotel guide recommends hotels and lodgings located in the Mabini, Ermita, and Malate areas. These locations are very strategic because they are near the airport and the sea port located just at the back of the Manila Hotel, the most historic in the Philippines. A lot of public transport vehicles ply the Taft Avenue route near these vicinities going north to Caloocan and south to Makati. These areas are also dotted with money changers.

Hotels in Mabini, Ermita, and Malate are mostly near restaurants and small departments stores and shops many of which are open 24 hours a day. The Ermita district, among several in the Philippines, is especially known as a lively area affording quality night life for tourists. And it’s easy going around this locality by merely walking or taking cabs from one’s hotel. And a Manila hotel guide reminder to seriously consider while going around here is keep all cash in one’s front pant pockets and take no valuables.

The long stretch of Roxas Boulevard in Manila, Philippines, running across the western tips of Malate, Ermita, and Mabini, is lined with big and world-class hotels that offer panoramic views of Manila Bay. They are also adjacent the famous Bay Walk area, the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex or CCP Complex where the Mall of Asia is, and quite accessible to Luneta Park and the US Embassy. This Manila hotel guide thinks it very pleasant for foreign tourists to have a hotel room booked here.

Finally, hotels in Manila, Philippines belong to a locality with a culture that tolerates both very formal and very casual attires; something that would help tourists relax more while on vacation and at the same time do serious business. Tourists here are either seen in shorts and rubber slippers or suits and shoes roaming around streets and hotel premises.

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