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Makati Sightseeing and Activities

Makati Sightseeing and Activities


Makati is known as the most progressive city in Metro Manila and this can be attributed to the central business district found here. The Philippine Stock Exchange for instance has made Makati its residence as well as the elite Makati Business Club. Despite all the economic activity in this city, Makati sightseeing is still very much possible and one can expect a pleasant mix of something modern and something historical.

Ayala Museum

Very near the commercial business district of Makati is the Ayala Museum and one might initially think that this Makati sightseeing destination is just like any other museum but once one goes here, one will see the big difference. Makati sightseeing has never been this educational and fun at the same time. The Ayala Foundation erected the Ayala Museum sometime in 1967 but one should not think that this is a dilapidated building that has not been maintained. On the contrary, the ambience of the Ayala Museum is something very fresh and modern and it has an expansive collection of artifacts, paintings, ethnic tools and many others. The Ayala Museum presents Philippine history in a completely different and amusing way through dioramas and there are paintings here of renowned artists from the 19th century. After a tour of the Ayala Museum, one can try out the unique dishes at the Museum Caf’ on the ground floor. This Makati sightseeing destination aims to mix history with our modern lives and it has done so successfully.

Fort Bonifacio

The vast area of Fort Bonifacio is a combination of classy residential condominiums and bustling commercial establishments. This Makati sightseeing destination is a great place to go to if one wants to see an American suburb with a touch of Filipino. Fort Bonifacio has roads that are wide and well paved, there are restaurants that cater to whatever dish one might be looking for and when night falls, neon lights from bars and clubs light the streets for some ultimate partying. The attraction to this Makati sightseeing destination is the fact that everything one might think of doing can be done at Fort Bonifacio. The residents of Fort Bonifacio would attest to the fact that one never has to leave this area to go shopping, clubbing or get one’s car fixed. Fort Bonifacio is so named because it was formerly a US military base that was turned over to the Philippine government in 1949. The local government then decided to sell its vast area to real estate developers.

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