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Hotels in Iloilo City

Hotels in Iloilo City

Hotels in Iloilo City can be found almost on top of each other. They are right beside or just a couple of blocks from each other. When competition’s everywhere, seldom is there a busy season. The off-season seems to happen all-year round. That can be both good and bad for guests who book their stay there.

The good part is that these hotels are CHEAP! There are a lot of package deals available, ranging from a weekend package with complementary breakfast for Php 3,000.00, to an overnight stay for only Php 1,250.00 per person. Offers are anything and everything that they can think of to make their prices cheaper than the competition.

These hotels have really nice rooms. Beds are tidy and there are always fresh sheets. You get cable TV and those little single-serving soaps, shampoo and conditioners, and shower caps in your bathroom. Yup, and you can just toss them in your bags too… single serving toiletries are so adorable, you just want to keep them rather than use them. Admit it, when we travel, we bring our own soaps and shampoos anyway. But it is curious that in some hotels, you also get a tiny bottle of bath foaming gel, and there’s no tub in the bathroom! That’s a little funny but, what the heck, we’d just toss that bottle in our luggage too!

Another good thing about it is that the staff really cares about you. The doorman will always greet you with a “Have a nice day ma’am” or a “Take care sir”. You call room service and they’re at your door in less than 5 minutes. Ask for an extra chair, you got. Ask for cold water in a pitcher, they’d bring it in no time. The staff is so friendly and helpful. And if you don’t speak Ilonggo (the native tongue in the city), it doesn’t matter. They can understand the typical Tagalog from Manila and, this is so endearing, they speak beautiful English. Well, connecting with the staff is no problem at all.

And the breakfast is awesome! You’ll really get that Pinoy experience with the tapsilog, tosilog, hotsilog, and all other meat-egg-fried rice combinations that you can find in Filipino homes. You can even get daing or dried fish with your fried garlic rice and sunny-side up eggs. There’s an array fresh fruits to choose from and the mangoes are so sweet!

Now, we’ll go to the bad parts. If you’re alone, the food situation is difficult. The only meal that you can get for a single guest is the breakfast. Turns out, the restaurants and food services in these hotels only make family style portions during lunch and dinner… that’s food for 3-4 people! And we all know that one of the joys of staying in a hotel is ordering room service. And when you’re getting platters of food when you’re only eating for one, it’s not very appetizing. Another bad detail is that there’s no internet access in most of these hotels. So if you’re traveling for business, that’s really inconvenient.

Hotels in Iloilo City are a dime a dozen. That’s both good and bad for the traveler in us. Though there are issues such as the lack of internet access and the family-sized food portions, the people, price and ambiance are worth having the hotel experience in the old city of Iloilo.

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