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Film History Comes to Life at LVN Museum, part 3

Film History Comes to Life at LVN Museum, part 3

Small place

With all these great movie memorabilia in exhibit in LVN Museum, one can only marvel how such a small place can hold so many pieces. Bernard Fernandez, the museum curator, reveals that there are still more articles he wants to display but can’t due to lack of space. The need for a larger venue has been his main concern for sometime now. People who have visited the museum–film students, movie buffs, workshoppers and tourists–have expressed hope for a bigger place for such a unique museum. Fernandez says they should act fast, because at the age of 80, he is not getting any younger or stronger!

But in spite of the growing popularity and media coverage the museum has been enjoying, it has yet to be officially recognized by authorities. So far, as Fernandez said, the closest working relationship they have had with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts was when the NCCA borrowed Nida’s costumes for an exhibit.
The museum is also not yet featured in tourism brochures but the coverages of TV shows like “Balitang K,” “Cityline,” “Extra, Extra,” “Knowledge Power” and “Wake-up Call” make better advertisements as these reach more people.

Video documentation

In return for the interviews, Fernandez asked for copies of the tapes for video documentation, which can prove valuable in the future.

To prove the museum’s gradual introduction to mainstream popular culture, Fernandez recalls that a multinational food and beverage company attempted to borrow numerous pieces they planned to exhibit at the Glorietta. He declined when he saw the long list of pieces to be borrowed. He was even more adamant when he learned that the pieces would be out of their home for a year. The obvious care Fernandez devotes to the pieces is understandable, considering that any damage done is irreparable as they are all original and have become priceless in their own right. He also admits that one of his driving forces in maintaining the integrity of the museum is his gratitude to Doña Sisang for taking him as her ward. He reminds me that last Oct. 29, they celebrated the 123rd birth anniversary of the LVN matriarch. Indeed, there can be no other greater gift than to preserve her legacy.

National treasure

It is not difficult to see that the LVN Museum has the potential of becoming a national treasure we could be proud of. As such, it needs the care and help of all concerned Filipinos, if we want it to be carried over to the future.

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  1. Dear Sir:
    I would like to know if you have any pictures or films of the actress Sylvia Rosaleas who appeared in the movies “Ang Baya Mu Neneng”, “Daily Double” and “Malikmata” in the 1940’s and early fifties.

    Thank you

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