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Alaminos City and the Hundred Island National Park

Alaminos City and the Hundred Island National Park

The most populated province in the Philippines is Pangasinan. One of Pangasinan’s famous cities is Alaminos City. Alaminos City has become the fourth economically improved city of all of Pangasinan.

Alaminos City is situated in the heart of Western Pangasinan where commerce, education, finance, services, and industry evolves rapidly. City development is the first priority for the Alaminos City officials.

Alaminos City has nature’s beauty to be proud of. The first national park of the Philippines is found in Alaminos City. It is called the Hundred Islands National Park. This national park is the main attraction in Alaminos City where locals and foreign tourists enjoy themselves.

The Alaminos City’s Hundred Islands National Park is composed of more than a hundred groups of islands scattered along the Lingayen Gulf. With an area of 4,556.6 acres, these islands are known to be approximately two million years of age. There are islands among the Hundred Islands remain unexplored.

Alaminos City is also rich in coral reefs. The fragile coral reefs lie between these islands and have been the home of many species of fish. Diving and snorkeling are great adventure attractions you can’t pass up when you visit Alaminos City.

A supportive ally of the coral reefs is the giant clam known locally as Taklobos. These Taklobos can be found alongside the coral reefs in Alaminos City. They are considered as the largest bivalve mollusks with a shell length of about a meter. These Taklobos can weigh up to 225 kilos. Taklobos are great underwater attractions for divers and snorkel lovers.

Alaminos City is rich with extraordinary caves within the Hundred Islands National Park. About ten caves are open to the public for visits. Many scientists believe that these caves show an underlying process of evolution as a witness of the life of this planet.

Some of these are Alama Cave, Nalsoc Cave, Simmimbahan Cave, Milagrosa Cave, Cuenco Cave, Cathedral Cave, Century Cave, Quirino Cave, and Virgin Cave. These caves of Alaminos City have lots of limestone formations such as stalagmites, stalactites, columns, and draperies. A large number of bats can be found here also.

Alaminos City’s Milagrosa Cave has a white sand cave floor which makes it a good place for recreation. Alaminos City laws actually allow tourists to picnic and swim in this cave.

Mother Nature richly blesses Alaminos City, Pangasinan in its marine ecosystem. Preserving the Hundred Islands National Park is top priority of the local government in cooperation with the Philippine government. Local and foreign tourists are ever-present here everyday to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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