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Subic Bay Government Sites

Subic Bay Government Sites

Subic Bay and the Definion of Quality of Life

In the early 1990’s, the United States Armed Forces said their farewell to the locals of Olongapo, particularly to the place known as Subic Bay. The said place was described to be as one of the most strategic location for military base or fortification. History attested that there were many fateful naval battles that could be related to the area. Nonetheless, the years of the American occupation of the place had drastically changed it. American Army had left state-of-the-art facilities and thus giving the locals their economic advantages.

Welfare and Health in Subic Bay

The SBMA Health and Safety Group provide excellent outpatient and round the clock emergency health concern services. It has three (3) medical channels in the region – the New Terminal Clinic at the Subic Bay International Airport and the SBMA Dispensary at Dewey Ave. and in Cubi. The group also carries out health inspection, precautionary health plans and training courses to employees through pre-employment and annual physical examinations.

Security and Safety in the Area

Peace and order is professionally preserved in the Freeport. The SBMA Law Enforcement Department efficiently implements traffic rules and regulations, and upholds a border defense through standard canine and mobile watches all around the area. As part of its Law Enforcement and physical security roles, the Law Enforcement Department (or LED) also remains a special ranger guard group to defend the area’s forests from being misused.

Commerce and Banking in Subic Bay

International Banking Organizations proffer financing amenities, investment services and electronic banking. Facilities such as internet service providers, postal and courier (along with easy access to all forms of mass media), connect residents of the Subic to the world.

Education in Subic

The presence of international schools and notable educational institutions (colleges, graduate schools, computer schools, science schools and technological institutions) at Subic had made the place a suitable area for education. Special Education or SPED is also available for exceptionally brilliant, mentally talented and skillful individuals.

Internet and the Progress of Subic Bay

The use of internet or the World Wide Web has been a very practical tool for the continual growth and progress of Subic Bay area in terms of economy and tourism. The http://www.sbma.com/ is a good reference online which provides an overall view of what Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority is all about. It gives information about the commercial and industrial area known as the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. This site is a-must especially for first time tourists or potential business entrepreneurs.

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