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General Santos Destination Guides

General Santos Destination Guides


Found in the southern part of the Philippines General Santos is one of the most frequented tourist destination in Mindanao. What draws people visitors to General Santos is the inherent need in every individual to be in touch with nature once in a while and appreciate its beauty. Indeed, many General Santos destinations are unspoiled and for many years have been maintained that way.

Lake Sebu

Lake Sebu is where the indigenous group T’boli tribe first settled and one can just imagine that this place was found suitable to meet the needs of the community. Lake Sebu is impressive because of how serene it looks and makes one feel. In fact, many visitors go to this General Santos destination once and keep coming back. The water of Lake Sebu makes one feel that no matter what one is going through, everything can be held together. The water is also very clear at this General Santos destination, a sign that the T’boli group has made every effort to make sure that it stays in exactly the same way as when they first settled here. The local tribe also believes that Lake Sebu is a place of miracles because even during the hottest and driest months, this never goes dry. Another good reason to visit Lake Sebu is the chance to interact with the T’boli tribe.

Kalaja Karst Area

Ranked high on the most visited General Santos destinations is the Kalaja Karst Area found in Barangay Conel. The General Santos destination is a national reserve that is good for anyone who knows how to appreciate nature. One does not have to be a nature lover to be able to enjoy the Kalaja Karst Area because once here, one will realize that nature is something that’s truly wonderful and should be preserved. Aside from picnics and camping, a tour guide awaits at the Kalaja Karst Area to bring one to the Kalaja Cave and the different waterfalls in the area. This General Santos destination is a one stop for those who want to go on a picnic, swim, go trekking or camping. Because of the many options offered by the Kalaja Karst Area, one will definitely not get bored and the rugged environment is something that is very laid back. Even children can enjoy this tourist destination and it’s a good idea to bring them to Kalaja Karst Area so that they learn to appreciate nature at an early age and feel the need to preserve and protect it as they get older.

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