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Diving Spots You’ll Never Get Enough Of

Diving Spots You’ll Never Get Enough Of

Bohol is a province in the Philippines located to the south of Luzon, north-west of Cebu and northeast of Leyte. Considered as one of the most beautiful locations in the Philippines, it is also known for its historic attractions such as the Baclayon Church, the oldest church in the country, the Blood Compact Site, the wonder of Chocolate Hills, and the exotic tarsier, the World’s smallest primate. In addition to that, certain places in Bohol are now a diving spot wherein divers can see more of what Bohol has under the sea.

Panglao Island is located at the tip of Bohol, often called “Tourist Haven” for its beautiful scenery and crystal clear water. The world-renowned Alona beach is just 3 minutes away from the island by foot. Below are the lists of diving locations around this island:

Cervera Shoal – Known as the “Spaghetti Shoal” or “Snake Island“, Cervera Shoal is a definite diving spot for those who wants to get a glimpse of large pelagic fish and other sea snakes for a change (since there aren’t sea corals around here). Cervera got its name from the black-and-white sea snakes which can be found in numbers.

Kalipayan – Not far from the white-sand Alona Beach, Kalipayan (also known as “Happy Wall”) houses Alona Beach’s reefs. Divers will surely enjoy watching small gorgonian sea fans and other school of fish wandering around corals of the island.

Pungtud Wall – The famous coral garden of Pungtud Island, Pungtud Wall is also perfect for snorkeling. Soft and stony corals can be found at this diving spot along with groupers, sea urchins, clownfish, puffer fish and other sea creatures.

Arco Point – At the southeast of Panglao Island lays the famous vertical funnel of Arco Point (or the “Hole in the Wall”). Most divers for its calm condition, either little or no current at all. Divers can enjoy the scenic beauty of the underwater along with its inhabitants such as the moray eels, wrasse, butterfly fish and sea snakes.

Napaling – Perfect for underwater photographers and the likes, Napaling is known for its wonderful coral garden. White tip reef sharks can be spotted occasionally while the caves are patrolled by squirrelfish, scorpion fish and royal angelfish, among many others.

Duljo Point – Take a drift-dive at the sandy slopes of Duljo Point located at the southwest part of Panglao Island. The wall is covered with sea fans, a variety of sponges and colorful corals. The current here is usually rough where trigger fish, batfish, surgeon fish and other pelagic fish can be found.

On Balicasag Island you’ll find some of the best diving spots the Philippines has to offer; located 6km southwest of Duljo Point. Below are the diving locations where you can find around Balicasag Island:

Black Forest – Take a fast drift-dive in the steep sandy slope of Balicasag Island’s Black Forest. A variety of coral can be found here and as you go deeper, large groupers, tuna, and others can be located. Advanced divers often pick this spot.

Rico’s Wall – Another beautiful coral garden lies southwest of Alona Beach, Rico’s Wall is famous for its bountiful sea stars, small reef fish, and a wide variety of leathery, stony and soft corals. Diving down would lead you to a number of small caves and overhangs where lionfish, moray eels and sometimes grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks and barracuda can be found.

Rudy’s Rock – If you continued diving to the eastern part of Rico’s Wall, you’ll find Rudy’s Rock. Get a chance to see large green turtles. Also big eye trevally can be found here which will circle around you for awhile.

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