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Angeles City Restaurant Guide

Angeles City Restaurant Guide

Angeles city is perhaps the city closest to Manila where you will feel like you are away and you are having a vacation. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy a great meal with your family and friends while you are visiting Angeles.

1. C Italian Dining – This is situated on Don Juico Avenue. This is a restaurant which offers fine dining. They offer Italian dishes. You must go here with a budget of at least one thousand pesos. Many people from other cities come here to enjoy some of their best sellers like Proscuitto e Melone, Bruchetta and Cozza Torino. One of their best selling pizzas is the popular Panizza. For customers who like rice dishes you may order their grilled pork roast and order a glass of their red wine. Other best sellers are roasted pork, steaks and lamb shanks. The whole restaurant exudes coziness.

2. VFW – This is along the Santol Road. They offer international dishes. The staff is very efficient. The food here starts with one hundred fifty pesos.Some of their specialties include steaks like ham steaks with their own version of white sauce, pork chops with sauce and honey chicken. They also offer Roasted stuffed chicken, steaks with creamy sauce made from brandy. VFW also boasts of the cozy atmosphere inside their establishment.

3. Bretto’s – This is a restaurant in Angelse city which guests must try. They specialize in Filipino, Italian and Australian food. They also have their own deli and meat store. They highly recommend their pies with mushroom and beef .They also serve Australian sandwiches known as the sanga. They are popular for their sausages, steaks and other meals with meat. The good thing about Bretto’s is that the place has ample lighting. They also keep it very clean. Guests can also enjoy various wines and fresh breads.

4. Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant – This is a restaurant in the highway called McArthuer in Balibago. You can bring five hundred pesos to enjoy a buffet meal where you can try different Chinese dishes which the restaurant specialize in. Their best seller is their lumpia and fried chicken. You can also order their beef shank dish which has a unique taste. Guests can wrap up their dinner with their delicious buchi and other Chinese dessert.

5. Maranao Grill Restaurant – This is a restaurant with the reputation in the area to serve delicious food. They offer continental and international foods. Their best seller includes steaks that have been grilled. They also open twenty four hours each day and serve buffet at least thrice a week. This restaurant is inside the hotel called Oasis near the airport.

6. Rodizio – This restaurant offer tasty Brazilian dishes. It is a popular restaurant offering grilled food like baby back ribs and sirloin. They can be found on the seventh level of the Holiday Inn Hotel.

7. Zapatas Cantina Mexicana – This restaurant offers Mexican food. They are located along the Don Juice Avenue. The atmosphere inside this restaurant is very festive and colorful. Many people described the food they serve as close to being authentic. You must have at least a budget of five hundred pesos up to one thousand pesos when you go to this restaurant.


  1. As a former Angeles City resident and restaurant owner, I’d like to make a couple of short comments:

    1. C Italian and VFW are not inside Clark. C Italian is located on Don Juico and Santol Road is perpendicular to Don Juico. Don Juico is an extension of Field Ave that goes West towards the mountains.
    2. Besides those restaurants, one of the most popular places in town is Kokomo’s. It’s located in the center of the nightlife district and serves a wide variety of Western, Asian and Filipino foods as well as the best pizza in town. The portions are large and prices very reasonable.
    3. Other places of note; Swiss Chalet. Located near Kokomo’s, it has some of the best European dishes in town. The Lewis Grand Hotel. The newest and most upscale hotel, it has an excellent menu with a fantastic breakfast buffet.
    4. The Blue Boar Inn. Located just past the VFW, the Blue Boar serves American food, has a limited menu, but fantastic prices and good portions.

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