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Welcome to The Orchid City of the Philippines: Dipolog City

The city of Dipolog is the main city or the capital of Zamboanga del Norte (southern part of Mindanao, Philippines). The city is known to have a flourishing fishing industry (especially of sardines) and famous for wild orchids. Years ago, the city was considered the wealthiest as per capita in the peninsula of Zamboanga (according to National Statistics Coordination Board or NSCB in 2006). One of the factors why this city is thriving in terms of economic growth is because of its accessibility (airport, seaports and the ‘Roll-on Roll off’ facility). According to history, the Christian Religion (especially of the Catholic Religion) started at Dipolog City, specifically in the area of Dapitan. Thus, it is considered the Center of Mindanao Evangelization after the Spanish fleet, led by a Society of Jesus member, Juan Juarez Gallinato, successfully overpowered the Manguindanau Muslims. The missions continued but outside the area, (some Mindanao towns) remained untouched. Generally speaking, Mindanao has three types or kinds of people (settlers): the Bangsamoro, the Lumad and Settlers (mostly Christians).

Bonding in Dipolog City

The best time to go and stay in the city of Dipolog is during the Dipolog P’gsalubuk Festival. It is the best time for bonding since the term p’gsalabuk is a Subano dialect term that means ‘togetherness’. It features street dancing in the main road of Dipolog City. the culminating activity is a cultural production which depicts the different types of people in Mindanao as interpreted through creative dancing. Hence, the main aim or goal of the presentation is ‘unity in diversity’ among different people or culture. Thus, it promotes harmony, peace and ‘togetherness’ amongst their diversity. The City administration or government of Dipolog, through this festivity inform and educate people about their common roots and origins, enhance mutual respect and promote the cultural and historical heritage of the Mindanao as a whole. P’gsalabuk Festival is certainly a feast of unity and ‘togetherness’.

The Orchid City access: http://www.dipologcity.gov.ph/

To discover the wonders of Dipolog City online, the City Government developed an official website (http://www.dipologcity.gov.ph/). The website is very interactive and has a lot of important information and significant facts that a potential tourist or a business entrepreneur should take note or consider. As a first timer in Dipolog City, definitely, it is a must to access and check the website. Through the power of the internet, Dipolog City is just a few clicks away.

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