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Makati Personal Blogs

Makati Personal Blogs

I am certainly not from Makati City. I reside at one of the highly-developed cities around the Metropolitan Manila and it has been always that way for the past twenty-one (21) years with my family. However, I could easily say and express that my conscious being or my awareness has been formed by the city of Makati. If by chance, I would be a tour guide and I would be given options whether to tour visitors in my city or to guide tourists to Makati City, without a doubt, I would pick the latter. I maybe exaggerating to say this, but I would easily find my way back home anywhere from Makati City than to give directions how to roam around the city where I live.

A bit of a History

With great pride and honor, I could definitely say that I am a ‘Makateño’ (a local resident of Makati)! I had stayed at Makati for always eight (8) formative years of my life. After finishing my primary education, I decided to take my secondary education in an all-boys institution at Guadalupe, Makati City. As the saying goes, high school life is the most memorable part of being a student. I do strongly agree with whoever asserted that phrase.

As a student, I am a bit sentimental about the places I have been in a way or the other. It started during high school. We were trained to look up or use a dictionary whenever we were unsure of the meaning of the words we encountered through our readings. The beauty of this discipline is that, students would be given a chance to encounter other ‘words’, enriching their vocabulary in the process. Using a ‘bigger’ dictionary than thesaurus may give students an edge regarding etymologies and from what place these words originated. A bit of a history could be sense because of the ‘circas’ indicated on the note. Since then I was given a sense of sentimentality about almost everything.

Makati City is far from what it was the time it was discovered by the Spaniards. It was a useless swampy area and due to language barrier it was baptized as ‘Makati’-‘ebbing tide’. The tides of progress started to favor Makati when Catholic Churches were built and since then, it was visited by devotees all over the country. Flocking people in certain place; even today ‘spells’ a possible good business venue. Since then, Makati has been evolved as the Philippines’ premium city in terms of business and economy

Financial Capital of the Philippines

Makati City, through the years has become the capital of commerce in the Philippines. It has become a ‘symbol’ of economic, financial and commercial status of the Philippines. It is said to be the ‘Pinoy’ (Filipino) version of the Wall Street because it has been the home of the prominent Makati Business Club and the venue of Philippine Stock Exchange. It is also because of the offices of multinational companies situated at Makati City made it a financial capital. As for me, Makati is a city that never sleeps because of the malls where my friends and I have fun to ease some tension from school demands.

Shopping Centers

Makati City is also defined by malls trying to allure you all kinds of materiality the corporate world could give. The definition my sound sarcastic but, nonetheless, strolling in the mall has been a favorite past time. Philippines is a tropical country and you do not expect people walking around the park most often than not because of the weather (with exemption to Philippines’ Summer Capital-Baguio, which is one of the places I also love). I remember when we were still students; we made sure that we ‘save’ some from our allowance to spend on our gathering at one of Makati’s famous mall, Glorietta. Though we have save a little, the point of ‘being there’ with your friends was a priceless moment. Makati will always be remembered because of those times.

Makati greeted us back saying: Welcome to the corporate world!

After we graduated, since school was over, we stayed on our own hometowns to rest a bit. Nonetheless, after few months of unwinding, we found ourselves again at Makati City not as students, but rather as aspiring ‘young professionals’ trying to survive the corporate tide. We should be still spending more time at malls because of our salaries, but certainly, things have changed. Everything is in a constant flux and what is only constant in this world is change. Yes, we do have our own money to spend but time for ourselves has become an essence. Money can buy us whatever food we want to eat but it cannot definitely buy time. We tried other venues other than the malls of Makati to accommodate our other classmates but still, we would end up at Hard Rock Café boozing all the way.

Children of Makati City

Since graduating at one of the prestigious institution at Makati, we see to it that every Monday, my fellow alumni and I would be playing basketball at our school. Cherished memories will always be there to make us smile as we remember how we developed our own personalities.

Makati started out as a piece of ‘worthless swamp’. Nonetheless, that imagery has become just a mere shadow of the past. Dubbed as the Philippines’ ‘Wall Street’, Makati City is the representation of economic struggle on the way to financial progress and stability. Makati City’s development throughout the history has been a representation of my own corporate career path. I started at Makati as a student; a nobody trying to learn the ‘ways of life’ and surprisingly, I went back to Makati to prove what I have learnt and right now I am still at Makati making ends meet as a ‘young professional’. I am aware that after some time, I would be somewhere outside this great city, but definitely; Makati would always be a cherished part of my life.

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