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Heidelberg of the East – Dumaguete City

Heidelberg of the East – Dumaguete City

Who could have ever imagined that in a far-flung island in Southeast Asia lies a competitor of the famous Heidelberg of Europe? Located in the rich and vast seas of the Philippine Archipelago, Dumaguete City is one of the fast-emerging cities gaining tourism and educational acclaims. Tagged as the “City of Gentle People”, Dumaguete indeed, is a very promising city of the south.

From its historic accounts alone, the City of Dumaguete is already known to be unique. Because of its territory surrounded by the vast seas, the island is prone to marauding pirates. Luckily, the attackers of the island, finding the place attractive were enchanted to live in the place permanently. Hence, the place was soon christened with the name Dumaguete, from the native word “dumaguet” which means to catch or to swoop.

As the capital city of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City is the largest city and industrial and educational capital of the province. Because of its naturally blessed territory, the city is known to have two of the best diving sites in the world namely Apo and Sumilon Islands. Not only that, the island itself is a package full of wonders and awe because this place is considered as one of the worlds most diverse marine ecosystems which serves as a haven to thousands of marine species. One famous destination of the tourists is the Bais Bay, where many converge to sightsee the whales and dolphins. The thought of the city itself makes you feel refreshed and calm.

More than the marvels of nature, Dumaguete is also endowed with educational feats which make it the “University Town”. The City is home to several historic universities and educational institutions which made great contributions to the country’s abounding history. Silliman University, the first American University outside Manila and the first Protestant School in the country, is seated at this very city. Gaining more than a couple of billion annually, the academe attraction of the city made a really huge impact in both internal and external economic aspects. Perhaps it is the city’s modest and relaxing environment which makes it so conducive for studies.

No wonder why many tourists from around the globe are being drawn by the exquisite attraction of Dumaguete. If Europe has Heidelberg, Asia has Dumaguete. A striking tandem of educational and tourist attraction plus the warm and kind natives, the city, indeed can compete with the famous historical city.

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