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Philippine Wedding Superstitions

Philippine Wedding Superstitions

Whenever you come to visit the Philippines be aware that many Filipinos still hold on to folklore that doesn’t have any scientific or logical basis. You might want to be polite and respect some of the local lores and superstitions so as not to offend the locals.

Some Filipinos comply with these superstitions for the sake of camaraderie. But there are people in the Philippines who ignore these superstitions sensing them to be downright ridiculous.

We’ll discuss some of the many superstitions that relate to a wedding in the Philippines. Some of these may come as a shock and some may even raise an eyebrow. Just don’t make fun of it or laugh out loud in front of the folks as that is considered being rude.

Let’s say you’re invited to a wedding in the Philippines. When considering gifts, knives and other sharp or pointed objects are considered bad gifts. It is a common superstition that these gifts lead to a broken marriage.

On the other hand, the other half of this superstition holds that if you give a chamberpot (locally known as “arinola”), this brings good fortune to the newlyweds.

Another wedding superstition assumes that wedding couples are accident-prone and should never travel long distances.

Rain during a wedding day is a sign of prosperity for the newlyweds, a superstition that carries an opposite meaning in other countries.

Another wedding superstition compels the groom to arrive much earlier than the bride. If not, it is said that this will bring bad luck.

One interesting (and quite ridiculous) superstition is that the bride should step on the groom’s foot when heading towards the altar. This would force the husband to agree with whatever the wife says all their married life.

You’ll seldom see a bride wearing pearls on her wedding day. These are said to bring unhappiness to her in her married life.

Don’t be surprised to see someone breaking a glass or a dish during the wedding reception. Another superstition says that doing this brings good luck to the new couple.

More of a custom than a superstition is the Pamanhikan. This is an occasion where the groom and his parents meet the bride’s family to ask her hand in marriage. This is considered by some in the Philippines as a dying tradition.

Whenever you’re invited to a wedding in a Philippines you should know which gifts to give and what goes on in the wedding and in the wedding reception. These wedding superstitions are more of a wish for the newlyweds to have a good life ahead of them.

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  1. rose

    okay like the thing with Sukob [meaning together] is that, it is believed that if two siblings marry in the same year they are “sukob” which means that they will have a similar life. (does that make sence?) okay then when one family is experiencing riches and happiness and all that great stuff, the other will be experiencing the comeplete opposite. [trust me, my dad and his sister/my aunt] for example – i was born before only 8 months before my cousin was born, then we moved into an apartment and they moved into an apartment a short time after. a few years later [7-8 years +/-] we moved into a house, and in a year or so they too moved into a house. soon after, she had good grades in school [my cousin] and i was gettings D’s then 8th grade and we both went vice versa. so the Saga Continues.

    i dont know about the family member death but i hope i did okay on explaining the sukob.

  2. SleepingMermaid

    yes. some say that the couple should get married the next year while some say that the couple should get married in exactly a year or more. It’s ok to get marries afterwards…

  3. Belle

    Hi! We are planning to get married this coming May 28, 2009. It has always been a tradition in our family to set a marriage date that has #8. Unfortunately due to some church sched conflicts, our date was moved to the 29 [Friday]. Is it true that weddings that fall on friday is bad luck?!
    Please help I’ve had countless sleepless nights because of this dilemma..

  4. Sheila

    When I got married and its about time to take some pictures with the pigeon, the pigeon that I was carrying threw shit on to my wedding gown? What does that mean?

  5. nina

    hello. can anybody help me cause I really cant sleep thinking of this one superstition. I had a dinner with my fiance at their house. Then after eating, I washed some of the dishes. I heard that its not a good sign to wash dishes before you get married. How true is this.. Does someone heard this belief?. Thanks

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