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Butuan Personal Blogs

Butuan Personal Blogs

If a tourist, by chance would be wandering around and see the beauty of the Philippines, he or she should see and experience the wonders of Butuan City. It has been asserted that, ‘in the beginning, there was no Philippines but there was Butuan’, and this assertion makes this place a symbol of civilization for the Philippines. The real question is: ‘what can I expect in Butuan City?’

The Pride of Butuan City

A tourist or visitor should never miss these places if he or she would have a chance staying in Butuan City. The following places are landmarks that define the identity of this wonderful city.

Mount Mayapay

Ever seen a majestic view? Then this place would be the best offering Butuan would give. Located at the southwest part of Agusan Valley, a haven of grandiose mountain plateau awaits visiting tourists. This mountain highland rises 2,214 feet above sea level and its name was derived for ancient Madjapahit Empire. Butuan’s archaeological unearthing and prehistoric discoveries were tied up significantly to Sri-Vishaya era.

Butuan Regional Museum

This museum serves as Butuan’s bulwark of rich cultural heritage and prehistoric existence or survival. There are two (2) galleries of exhibit one is the Archeological Hall which caters varieties of burial coffins, goldsmith, potteries, wood, metal and stone crafts and the exhibits also includes archaeological diggings. The Ethnological Hall (the other exhibit) showcases current cultural materials the locals of Butuan or Butuanon or every ‘Pinoy’ (Filipino) used for a living.

Balangay Shrine Museum

The Balangay Shrine Museum is situated at Balanghay, Libertad, Butuan City. This graveyard of Balangay One (1) was dated 320 A.D. or has already been 1688 years old. This ‘balangay’ is a built of wooden plank and edge-pegged vessels that have an average measurement of three (3) meters in width and fifteen (15) meters in height. As of now, there are already nine (9) balangays discoverded in Ambangan, Libertad spots. In Situ, however, there were three balangays (3) that have been excavated.

Agusan River

Agusan River is considered the longest, the deepest and the widest traversable river in Mindanao. The people, arts, culture and history of Butuan could be realized or seen if a tourist journey along the river barangays. They usually held their fluvial parade to honor and pay tribute to the Patroness of the river Señora Santa Ana. This has been the Abayan Festival a whole day celebration of fluvial convoy and baroto races at the Agusan River

Butuan City could be considered as the ‘Cradle of Civilization’ in the Philippines. The influence of the ‘Balangays’ are still prevalent even in this contemporary times. Municipalities are usually divided into units considered as ‘Barangays’ and the etymology of this word could be traced to those ancient vessels: ‘the Balangays’ meaning ‘the sailboats’.

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