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Sorsogon Sightseeing Guide

Sorsogon Sightseeing Guide

Tourists and visitors would usually equate visiting Sorsogon to whale shark interaction. However, there are more interesting sights that can be found in Sorsogon than we usually know. The sights here may not be the same as the others you’ll find in the Philippines, but they are worth looking into. We have a Sorsogon sightseeing guide below for some of the interesting places in the Philippines’ southernmost province.

Our little Sorsogon sightseeing guide starts with the province’s most popular attraction, whale shark interaction. Sorsogon is admittedly the whale shark capital of the Philippines. The place to go to would be the little quiet town of Donsol. Whale sharks, locally named ‘butanding’, usually converge in the waters of Donsol starting in October and would last until May. You can get to Donsol from Legazpi City, where the airport is, by taking a taxi, bus, or air-conditioned van. The drive to Donsol will usually take an hour.

The beaches and tropical water fun is the next part of our Sorsogon sightseeing guide. Rizal Beach is located in the town of Gubat, which is about 25 minutes away from Sorsogon City. After getting into Gubat, you’ll have to switch to a jeep or another vehicle headed for Rizal Beach to get there. This is a favorite hang out and picnic area complete with resorts and other accommodations.

If you’re looking for one of the exotic sights in the Philippines then you might want to get to the Bacon District then to the small island of Paguriran. This is a picturesque island, with a matching lagoon, that has been made into a marine sanctuary. You’ll have to take a 20-minute boat ride from Bacon to get to the island.

Our Sorsogon sightseeing guide won’t be complete without any historical sites. One such site is the Barcelona Church that was constructed in the 19th century. There is also a nearby ruin of an old Spanish fort. You’ll also find a lot of old houses lining the streets of Juban and an old Spanish shipyard in Pilar.

As part of our Sorsogon sightseeing guide, we have a few travel tips when roaming around the province. First is that you should check with the local tourism office for information. However, if you hired a guide or have arranged your trip with an agent then everything will be taken cared of. The tourism office will usually give you a brief orientation. This is especially important for people interacting with the whale sharks for the first time.

The usual means of transportation within a town is usually by tricycle. Jeepneys are also available if you prefer to get on them than get cramped in small vehicle like a tricycle. There will always be vehicle terminals for buses, jeepneys, and other vehicles. When looking for public transport, simply ask anyone to point you to the terminal.

Not that many visitors to the Philippines would usually think to tour the province but they could be missing out on a lot of tropical adventures unique to the place. Thus making a Sorsogon sightseeing guide necessary. The province has a lot more interesting sights that you won’t find anywhere else in the Philippines.

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