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High Rise or Bungalow-type?

High Rise or Bungalow-type?

Rentable properties in the Philippines today go by either high rise buildings or bungalows. Both choices have advantages that renters can benefit from. Here are tips to see what will more likely be to one’s advantage—high rise or bungalow-type?

High rise rentable properties are either condo units or townhouses that offer vertical space or room arrangements. There are condotels in the country today— rental properties combining the amenities of condo units and hotels. And lots more offer rentable properties with rental schemes that allow renters to own the property; rents are as good as installment payments. The same goes for bungalow-type rentable properties.

High rise rentable properties offer more views and more air circulation. Condo units, especially really tall ones, afford a panorama of the city skyline and a better view of the sunset. They also get more prevailing gentle winds and an escape from street pollution. High-rise rentable properties are often neighborhoods packed in well-planned snug buildings, so one gets to interact more with neighbors and share building amenities. Most high rise rentable properties are fitted with posh swimming pools, gyms, wide, open porches, and amusement areas. These are common in Makati, Ortigas Center, Manila, and Cubao.

The only downside to tall rentable properties is that one doesn’t get to own tangible land, and of course, danger scenarios in case of emergencies.

Bungalow-type rentable properties offer horizontal space or room arrangements. They afford privacy and quiet. They may not have the better air circulation and views that high rise rentable properties afford but they have better access and safety factors in emergency situations.

Also, neighbors get to be nosey around less than in a high rise context where one’s immediately face-to-face with neighbors upon exiting the front door. There is a likely chance of also enjoying posh community amenities like a swimming pool, gym, amusement areas, and open, wide spaces, but not as accessible as in high rise rentable properties—especially on rainy days.

When staying alone or when fewer than three, single detached rentable properties can be gloomy. Plus, security can easily be breached and help cannot be that accessible. Individualism often rules in such environments. But with the close community enjoyed in high rise rentable properties, familiarization breeds fellowship and fosters security.

Rentable properties in the Philippines, high rise or bungalow-type, have plus factors that make them ideal places to live in, and minus factors that make one think twice before settling in them. Purely renting schemes do not present many problems as do rent-to-own ones. These are crucial factors.

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