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Makati Festivals and Events

Makati Festivals and Events


Makati City is known as the most progressive city in the Philippines. Towering skyscrapers and the most successful businesses have their office in Makati but this is not to say that the city has forgotten its residents and the spirit of being a community. The community celebrates festivals annually and among those are Bailes Delos Arcos and the Xong Di Festival.

Bailes Delos Arcos

Bailes Delos Arcos has been dubbed as one the most exciting festivals that the city celebrates every 29th of June. Its literal translation is “Dancers of the Arch” and this festival both the older and the younger generations participate. Bailes Delos Arcos is no small time festival since the dancers that perform have to practice for a whole year for this one day event. Being a devout Christian country and in honor of Makati’s patron saints Virgen Dela Rosa, St. Peter and St. Paul, the female dances put on a spectacular performance dedicated to them. Only certain families in Makati perform this and the tradition as well as the method of dancing Bailes Delos Arcos have been passed on from generation to generation. Bailes Delos Arcos is performed annually in Barangay Poblacion.

Xong Di Festival

Xong Di Festival on the other hand is considered the most educational of all the festivals celebrated by this high class city. Xong Di Festival, is highlighted by colorful costumes and accessories similar to those worn by the ethnic tribes in China. This festival is more for the Chinese community and its aim is to show that there is so much similarity between the Filipinos and the Chinese. Xong Di Festival, shows the brotherhood between the Chinese and Filipinos and how the two Asian cultures have embraced each other through the centuries and continue to do so today. A street parade is held during the Xong Di Festival, and this is celebrated right after the Chinese New Year so there is no ficed date for this.

Ganito Kami Noon

If the Xong Di Festival is festival that celebrates the brotherhood between the Chinese and Filipino communities and the Bailes Delos Arcos commemorates the patron saints, Ganito Kami Noon is a tribute to the past. Ganito Kami Noon is held every June 1 at the city hall and all participants can wear either native clothing or what they used to wear and what was considered stylish during their time. Ganito Kami Noon is a festival celebrated only by Makati and its purpose is to make sure that no one particularly the youth forget about the past, the Filipino culture and the lessons that can be derived from years back. Ganito Kami Noon is a ball open to all residents of Makati at the end of which, the Mayor gives out awards to outstanding government officials. Ganito Kami Noon closes with a spectacular fireworks display.

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