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For Locals, Expats and tourists in the Philippines.
Philippine Hot Spots

Philippine Hot Spots

Want to relieve stress from work?

To some people, seeing new places is a good way of getting back to reality. Planning a vacation usually is time consuming and you also have to consider your budget.

It doesn’t have to be far to consider a vacation worth taking.  There are lots of places that can offer satisfaction without the need to go to far off places. There are beaches, swimming pools, bars, and parks, restaurants and tourist spots that are not only cheap to visit but also accessible.

To people who love to go out with the family, there would be the beach which offers a chance to bathe in the sun, go fishing, or just enjoy the view. Some tourists love the climate here in the Philippines, so you would see a majority of Japanese, Americans and Koreans at the beach escaping the winter back in their own country.
At the beach you can buy lots of things that you don’t normally see everyday. There would be souvenir items like weird key-chains, shades, and caps and bracelets. But beware, there are lots of people who take advantage of tourists who are not familiar with the place. There were reports of loosing valuables like money jewelry, cellular phones, credit cards. It is best to keep these things with you all the time.

As soon as you sense something out of the ordinary, it is best to report to the local authorities. If you are going to leave your valuables in the hotel, make sure that you lock them up before leaving in the hotel safe or room safe.

For people who don’t have the time to go out with friends during the day, they can visit the different bars in the metro. But beware of  those pickpockets who roam around in the those places. Being drunk and all, you might not even sense that someone is already taking your month’s worth of salary.

Parks are also one of the most visited places in the country. In fact, it is very popular with students and lovers. Not only do they get to relax, they also get the chance to enjoy the moment with their loved ones. In some parks, there are so called “calesas”  driven by a horse. Some photographers love the idea of taking panoramic pictures while riding on these calesas.

They say that best things in life are for free. The freedom to choose to travel to wherever you would want to go is definitely one of the best.


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