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Puerto Princesa Restaurant Guide

Puerto Princesa Restaurant Guide

Puerto Princesa is a tourist hub in the Philippines that connects the tourists to the wonderful beaches in Palawan. Therefore, this city is the first stop in the itinerary of guests before exploring the mysteries of Palawan’s natural beauty, as Palawan is one of the most blessed areas in the Philippines when it comes to innate wonders. To help them navigate their way around the streets of Puerto Princesa, here is a short Puerto Princesa Restaurant Guide that will help them pick out the most suitable dining spots in the area.

Ka Lui Restaurant

Ka Lui Restaurant is a selection in this Puerto Princesa Restaurant Guide because of its status as a popular hangout among food enthusiasts. Guests are greeted with a peaceful, laid-back setting surrounded with finely-landscaped lush gardens with trees unique only in the Philippines. Diners are reminded to remove their shoes upon entrance and walk barefooted on the smooth, bamboo floors. Nevertheless, food in Ka Lui is always enjoyable, with dishes comprising of fresh seafood and tropical ingredients. Desserts are of native Filipino cuisine served with slices of tropical fruits. The price range at Ka Lui is from 120 to 180 pesos. Ka Lui Restaurant is situated at 369 Rizal Avenue, and interested parties are encouraged to phone the restaurant at 63-48-433-25-80 for reservations as the place can get full during lunchtime and dinnertime.

Café Arturo

As this Puerto Princesa Restaurant Guide is dedicated to show you the popular dining spots in the area, one of our selections is the Café Arturo. Café Arturo serves dishes from the Philippines and all over the world, so its menu selection is varied enough for tourists who have different tastes. Meals such as the Lobster Thermidore and Crab with Butter and Garlic will surely capture the hearts of their guests, and the staff is warm enough to make sure they enjoy their dining experience. Café Arturo is located at the Mahogany Drive in San Jose, with a telephone number of 63-48-433-4146 for reservations. Meal prices range from 150 to 300 pesos.

Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri

Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri translates into “Wilderness Café and Gallery”. Indeed, this selection in the Puerto Princesa Restaurant Guide is a manifestation of Palawan’s rich culture and natural wonders. This local hangout is popular among the younger crowd, especially the students and artists, and is famous all over the Philippines as well. Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri often hosts exhibits of aspiring artists, and displays works of indigenous peoples in Palawan. Guests can also buy those decorations and trinkets as souvenir, and most of the items on sale are unique only in the café. Nevertheless, this restaurant is a good place to stop by to grab some coffee or dessert, or simply lounge around and enjoy native music at a very artistic setting. Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri is situated at Rizal Avenue, with a telephone number of 63-48-433-5182 for reservations.

Neva’s Place

Neva’s Place is one of those very casual and laid-back restaurants that promote a very relaxing atmosphere among its diners. The interiors are designed with wooden decors and accessories, which is perfect for a rustic, country-style setting. However, this restaurant actually serves international cuisine alongside dishes from the Philippines’ native cuisines. Prices are also very affordable, with pasta dishes starting at 70 pesos per serving. There is also a live acoustic band on some nights at Neva’s Place. Neva’s Place is located at 48-A Taft Street, with a telephone number of 63-48-433-2575.

Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant

Another selection made by this Puerto Princesa Restaurant Guide is the Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant that serves great Filipino dishes concocted to please the foreign taste buds. Their main specialty is chicken, which is grilled and marinated to perfection. Alongside its chicken dishes are seafood dishes that are sure to please the seafood lovers who choose to dine in this restaurant. Prices are affordable at 80 to 150 pesos per meal, with dishes ranging from grilled seafood to tropical desserts. Balinsasayaw Chicken and Grill Restaurant is situated at the Manolo Extension, with a contact number of 63-48-434-5804 for reservations.

Lotus Garden Asian Fine Dining Restaurant

The Lotus Garden Asian Fine Dining Restaurant is another choice made by this Puerto Princesa Restaurant Guide because of two things—affordable prices and delectable dishes. Lotus Garden serves an extensive menu of Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese and Filipino cuisines so as to please tourists with a varied taste. What’s more is that the restaurant holds a buffet on most nights, where it charges no more than 400 pesos per person! That’s reasonable, considering the selections guests will have to choose from, plus their mouthwatering sushi bar that has a great compilation of sushi! The most recommended dishes are the Sashimi, the Pork Satay and the Vegetarian Thai Curry. Lotus Garden Asian Fine Dining Restaurant is located at 371 Rizal Avenue with a telephone number of 63-48-434-1132.

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