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Leyte Destination Guides

Leyte Destination Guides


Appreciated for its historical significance aside from its natural wonders that are simply amazing, the province of Leyte is sure to provide a fun and educational trip for every member of the family. Leyte destinations are rich in history and culture while its hotels and resorts are ultimate relaxation getaways where pampering is a feature of everyday life.

Red Beach

One might be wondering why this Leyte destination is named Red Beach and that’s because when the American troops arrived headed by General Douglas MacArthur, this place was a battleground where they fought side by side with Filipinos against Imperial Japan. In fact, to commemorate this significant historical event, there are statues of General MacArthur and a couple of his men in a lagoon here, partially submerged in water. The statues at this Leyte destination are supposed to depict the first landing of the American troops in Red Beach. Red Beach, despite the bloodshed that occurred here many years ago was and still is a beautiful place to go to. This Leyte destination has several 4 and 5 star hotels and it has become extremely popular as a vacation getaway. The sunset at Red Beach is simply picturesque and the water is conducive for swimming or just a romantic stroll with someone special. The resorts at this Leyte destination also have equipment for rent for those who want to do some water sports in Red Beach such as kayaking, snorkeling and jet skiing.

The Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum

The Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum holds important Christian relics, paintings and other works that were intellectual creations of our ancestors. Every province has its patron saint and Leyte’s is the Santo Nino or baby Jesus. The Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum can be found in bustling city of Tacloban, on Real Street and the place is subdivided into to 4 categories. One of the divisions at this Leyte destination is the religious works and aside from artifacts, there are also paintings at this Leyte destination of saints and Jesus’ journey in life. Aside from exhibits on the Catholic faith, the Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum also showcases mythological figures and this is the second division. The third division showcase paintings of extremely talented Filipino artists and the main attraction of this part of the Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum are paintings made by the world renowned artist Fernando Amorsolo. The Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum provides more than just an opportunity to look at wonderful pieces of evidence of historical events, it also provides a chance to understand the history and the people of Leyte.

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