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Dumaguete Destination Guides

Dumaguete Destination Guides


Dumaguete is a place that holds many wonderful surprises for visitors and among the main attractions here are the beaches amidst a tropical island background and the encounter with the indigenous groups. A variety of activities can be done here and of course several visits can be made to Dumaguete’s historical sites. These Dumaguete destinations all hold a piece of the puzzle to this city’s rich history, culture and heritage.

Apo Island

Apo Island is synonymous to a great beach experience in Dumaguete. This Dumaguete destination is a good way to cool down this summer and it is a 2 hour boat ride from Siliman Beach. Apo Island is also a favorite spot for divers in the Visayas and the best part about it is that one does not have to be a certified diver to be able to enjoy the underwater paradise. Diving lessons are offered on Apo Island and everything one needs to become a certified diver including equipment is provided by the dive shop in this area. This Dumaguete destination is a marine sanctuary protected and maintained by the Global Science Community. Apo Island is said to be home to close to 700 species of fish and about 400 different types of corals. If one does not want to venture into diving while on Apo Island, snorkeling is also an option and because the water is so clear, many fishes can be seen just swimming by.

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watching is one of the things that one must do while in Dumaguete. Dolphin Watching can be done at Tanon Strait and this Dumaguete destination is where one can watch the playful creatures of the sea frolic in the water with sperm whales. Although Dolphin Watching can be done pretty much all year round, the best months to go would be anytime between May and September since these months are the times when numerous dolphins are here. Dolphin Watching is supervised by the city hall of Bais and the cruises made to this Dumaguete destination are under their close watch for the protection of the species.

Canlaon Volcano

After Dolphin Watching, a visit to the Canlaon Volcano is a must. This Dumaguete destination is said to be the tallest peak in the whole of Visayas and the Canlaon Volcano stands at about 8,100 feet tall above sea level. Many mountain climbers attempt this active volcano found in Canlaon City. Canlaon City is about 170 kilometers from the bustling Dumaguete City.

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