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Butuan Shopping

Butuan Shopping

Considered as one of the most populous and improving areas in the province of Agusan del Norte, Butuan City has several interesting places that tourists and locals can visit if they want to unwind, relax and shop. Butuan shopping centers and souvenir stores offer affordable and high quality items so customers can get the best value for their money when they spend some time at the famous malls in the city. Aside from these commercial establishments, people can also go to the public markets in the area to get fresh meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Below are some of the most inviting and popular shopping places in the city.

Gaisano Mall

One of the most visited Butuan shopping places is Gaisano Mall, which is situated at the corners of Jose Rosales Avenue and Jose C. Aquino Avenue. It is a convenient place to see because the mall features numerous retail shops and specialty stores. Aside from these, the establishment has a supermarket and department store where customers can purchase items that are reasonably priced. For those who want to dine, Gaisano Mall plays home to fast food stores like Pizza Hut, Jollibee and Jonies Flavored Chicken. For the comfort of shoppers, this commercial establishment has a secured parking area.

Langihan Market

Locals and tourists who want to purchase affordable and fresh food can always go to Langihan Market. This establishment has a wet section where meat and seafood are available. Additionally, it has a dry section where people can buy cheap clothes, accessories and shoes. Inside the market, customers can also find small retail stores that sell native delicacies and local treats. In addition, there are food stalls that offer affordable and delectable snacks like grilled corn. For only 200 pesos, customers can have a wonderful and fun shopping experience at this market.

Madyaw Kadyaw

Madyaw Kadyaw is another interesting Butuan shopping place to see, which is situated along J. C. Aquino Avenue in the city. Tourists can have a fun and nice time at this shop because it sells numerous souvenir items and keepsakes. Some of the cheap items available at the establishment are earrings, bracelets as well as necklaces. In addition to these, shoppers can also find a Manobo costume at Madyaw Kadyaw. After checking the items, customers can relax and taste the local treats and delicious meals offered at the store. By allotting 300 pesos, tourists and locals can buy several keepsakes at this inviting retail shop.

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